LTE Modems with 1Gbps Download Speeds Revealed by Qualcomm and Intel


As the new generation of smartphones comes in, the LTE tends to get faster. The new range of smart mobile devices is equipped with faster modems that can exchange data at a rapid speed. Qualcomm and Intel are the top modem providers whose cellular chips are used in the iPhone. It was on Tuesday that both the LTE Giants announced the increase in the LTE connections and download speeds up to 1Gbps.

Qualcomm revealed the launch of X20 LTE chipset that can be used to transfer data with a splendid speed of up to 1Gbps. At the same time, Intel too announced the launch of the XMM 7560 LTE modem that can increase the download speeds up to 1Gbps.

However, when considered in the present scenario, the cellular devices are not yet configured to handle such high speeds. There is just one exception named Telstra – an Australian telecommunication service company that has unveiled a GB LTE service for the commercial uses in Australia. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is presumed that Gigabit LTE will gradually appear in the upcoming smartphone models and networks.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon LTE (X20) chipset is the seventh product by the company that can support the LTE networks. It is also considered to be the 2nd product that makes use of the Gigabit LTE technology. The whopping download speed of the Snapdragon X20 LTE modem can be achieved by the use of carrier aggregation. With the use of this technology, it will permit a device with a modem to access around 12 unique streams of data each of which will have speed up to 100 Mbps. The upload speed with the use of the X20 LTE chipset will not be as fast as the download speed, still it is pretty impressive at 150 Mbps.

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One of the biggest factors to be considered with this launch is that the Snapdragon X20 LTE chipset has recently started the sampling to the smartphone manufacturers and therefore, it is highly expected that they will not launch new handsets until 2018. One more consideration is that the current LTE networks might not be able to handle the speed of 1.2Gbps in the real world applications.

Intel is also not going to let Qualcomm steal the show. Therefore, in the LTE race, Intel too launched its new LTE modem “Intel XMM 7560” to support the smartphones. This LTE modem by Intel is the fifth product in the LTE modem series. As Intel claims, the XMM 7560 LTE modem can support the download speed greater than 1Gbps and an upload speed of around 225 Mbps. Holding similar operation to the Qualcomm LTE modem, the Intel XMM 7560 LTE modem too makes use of the carrier aggregation for the achievement of new records in the downloading as well as in the uploading speed. The users can once again presume the launch of the smartphone series to support the Intel XMM 7560 LTE modem around the year 2018.

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