Mediatek Could Cancel 50% Of Its Orders With TSMC


All the phone manufacturers continuously intend to Advent something different that can enhance the productivity of their devices greatly. And this has made them to employ various new technologies in their creation. Such news had been surfaced in the last year which claimed that MediaTek to soon come out with their first 10nm chipset. The chipset named as Heilo X30 is the first 10nm chipset from MediaTek.

This company is mainly a chip supplier, and their design is being built at TSMC. TSMC, the Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, is the world’s largest independent dedicated Semiconductor foundry. They are the one to produce that latest A10 Fusion chip that is present in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. This factory is supposed to roll out the 10nm Heilo X30 chipset by this month only. But some reports are portraying a different story. As per the report, MediaTek is soon to cancel 50% of the order for 10nm Heilo X30 that they placed with TSMC. And the company has stated ‘lack of demand’ as the main reason for that.

Devices with this Qualcomm’s 10nm chipset installed are expected to reach the stores by the second quarter of this year. Also, Samsung is one of the companies to ensure the support of this chipset. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ that are set to release sometimes in the second half of 2017 will feature Qualcomm’s 10nm Snapdragon 835 processor.

Among other companies which ensured to develop devices to run on the same 10nm chipset are Meizu and LeEco. However, unfortunately, LeEco is withdrawing their words now as they are going through some financial issues. Another phone manufacturer Xiaomi too did not confirm the same till date. Oppo and Vivo are the other companies that claimed to deliver around 220 million handsets together in 2017. But whether all those handsets will actually sport the 10nm Heilo Chipset or not is not being confirmed by either of the company.

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So, MediaTek is really in a dilemma now and decided to cancel the order by half.

Talking about the 10nm Heilo X30 chipset, it will be made to enhance the productivity of Smartphone to a great extent. The feature of the chipset is explained in more details.

Features of 10nm Heilo X30 chipset:

  • The 10nm process will allow for a great reduction in the chip size. The size of the chip will be reduced by 50% while 50% will increase its performance at the same time. Amazingly, it will consume much lesser energy.
  • The chip is known to feature a deca-core CPU.
  • It will come to support up to 8GB RAM and will be featured with quad-core Power VR GPU.
  • This chipset will enhance the productivity of the device without any extra consumption of power.

So, it indicates that while Smartphone equipped with this 10nm chipset will arrive the market, it will bring great excitement among users. And this will definitely encourage most of the phone manufacturers to install it in their upcoming devices.

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