Meizu Releases Stable Version of Flyme 6: Added many features


Finally, the beta testing stage of the Flyme 6 OS is over. This OS from Chinese manufacturer Meizu was in the beta testing stage for three months. And now the stable version is finally out. So, Meizu Smartphone users who have been waiting for this OS can get it in their device soon.

The stable version of Flyme 6 OS is dubbed as Flyme This is the latest version which is equipped with numerous cool features. The new features of Flyme OS are explained in detail here.


  • The stable version of Flyme 6 OS is packed with loads of cool features. But the most eye-catching one is the new camera search feature. This feature allows users to search for an answer on the internet through the phone’s camera. This feature works very similarly to that Google Translate app. But it does not require downloading any app for that. Here is how it works.
  • First, snap a photo of the problems. Select the search mode. It then gets uploaded to the cloud, Meizu’s database automatically. Next, it takes just a few minutes to display the elaborated answer. As per Meizu’s claim, their database includes around 65 million study questions and answer. So, users will get most of their questions answered easily. This search feature covers a wide range of subjects such as history, political science, English, chemistry, physics and more.
  • The next interesting feature is the ability to edit videos in the gallery. This latest OS version allows users to add several other effects and filters to the videos.
  • It is made to offer more convenient user experience. Also, the standby power consumption is optimized greatly in this latest Flyme OS version.
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Interested users can download this stable version of Flyme 6 OS from the Meizu’s official site. However, Meizu will make the update available in all their 24 models in batches with time.


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