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Internet security is a big challenge for any country around the world. It is almost next to impossible to ensure 100% safety of the data stored on different servers. The recent DDoS attack that pulled down Twitter among others. In India, the a security breach affected over 3 million debit cards. Citizens often complain about ransomware. As the security system is getting smarter and stronger. On the same hand, the hackers are getting stronger as well.

Situation in India

Kaspersky Lab issued a report recently. The report said that India is among the top 5 nations that get ransomware attacks. These are malware that forces the victim to pay money in return for access to their own personal data. Cases of account hacking, fraud emails, etc. often keep the Cyber Cell on the edge of its seat.

The initiative by Microsoft

In the last 12 months, the company has joined hands with 100 different organizations in India. The main aim of the trial run was to find out what causes the most trouble. The year-long pilot run was a success. Microsoft has now announced the first Cyber Security Center in India. This is Microsoft’s seventh center globally.

The main aim of the security center is to provide protection across all ends. The company will provide support to the govt as well as private entities. This will help them to secure data on sensors and data centers. Also, it helps to control attacks by using special signals, monitoring, and machine learning. There is a gap between discovery and action taken to neutralize the threat. The initiative will help to close this gap.

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Statement by Microsoft and its officials

Bhaskar Pramanik who is the Chairman at Microsoft India spoke to the reporters in New Delhi. He said that Microsoft believes that security of the company’s corporate clients is important. So are the security and privacy of every citizen of India. The priority of the company is to set up data centers in India. This will help the company in controlling everything from here. Second is the Cyber Security Engagement Center. It will further help in securing the private information of corporate clients. The center will also provide security to information of every citizen.

Microsoft issued a press release as well. MS mentioned that the team that is working on finding out the main weak points in Indian Cyber Security. They came up with three main reasons. The first point is that the IT assets usage and maintenance are not managed and unregulated in India. Then comes the poor knowledge of cyber hygiene among users with-in organizations. The inability of companies to track, detect and remove cyber attacks on time

Madhu Khatri who is the Associate General Counsel of MS India also issued a statement. He said that governments are getting more dependent on digital data. Thus the importance and need of high level of cyber security have become essential. The company has unique threat intelligence innovations and trusted cloud ecosystem. This system is capable of providing a secure environment to different organizations.

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