Microsoft to stop sale of Windows 7 and Windows 8


Microsoft Windows has been a part of most of the computer users around the world. Back in 2009, the company launched Windows 7 followed by Windows 8 in 2012. During this period, the love for Windows platform rose to new levels as both the versions of the operating system bought a lot of new features for the users.

The arrival of Windows 10

In July 2015, the company finally launched the latest version of Windows i.e. Windows 10. The operating system was not only available for the desktops and laptops but also for the smartphones as well. Windows 10 brought a whole new set of apps which the company called the Universal Apps. These apps can run on any platform including PC, tablets, smartphones, Xbox One, Surface Hub and Windows Holographic. The whole user interface was redesigned to accommodate the smoother transition between mouse-oriented operations and touchscreen based operations, especially in 2-in-1 PCs.

The new version of Windows received an overwhelming response from users as well as critics. The potential that Windows 10 has shown is immense and much advanced from the previous versions. The additional support of Cortana personal assistant and replacement of Internet Explorer with Microsoft Edge was an overall welcomed step.

The end of the era of Windows 7 and 8

In order to give an additional boost to the Windows 10 OS, the company has decided to stop the sale of Windows 7 and Windows 8 to the OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). This means that the company will not ship these two versions to any laptop or desktop manufacturer from now on. Those companies who offer Windows OS with their devices will naturally shift to the Windows 10. This will increase the penetration of the new operating system much deeper in the market.

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Despite the fact that the company will stop the sale of these products completely, it will provide support and updates for Windows 7 till 2020 and for Windows 8 till 2023. Meanwhile, the subscribers can shift to Windows 10 by paying a small fee.

New updates for Windows 10 are one their way

Microsoft has also announced that in the coming months, major updates for Windows 10 will come. As per the reports the first update by the name codenamed Redstone 2 is coming in the first quarter of 2017 while the second update by the name codenamed Redstone 3 is coming anytime between 3rd and 4th quarter of 2017.

With the end of sale of Windows 7 and Windows 8, the company is trying to make sure that the primary focus remains on the Windows 10 in the near future. There is no rumors or information about any upcoming OS from Microsoft. That means the company is planning to work further on the current platform.

Microsoft has a lot of competition from Linux, Android, and MacOS. Among the four operating systems, Microsoft has been the main target for the hackers. It often gets into trouble with new viruses from time to time. The company has its own firewall system which provides great security to the users. Still, an additional anti-virus for Windows is always advised. Hopefully, Microsoft will keep a check on vulnerabilities in the future updates as well.

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