Microsoft Unveils Skype Lite to conserving the limited space


Microsoft has reshaped Skype, the video and voice calling service for the business consumers and individuals living in developing markets.

Skype Lite is an Android app with its main function being video and voice call, but it has been optimized for people who run on a 2G data network or have a poor network connection. For now Skype Lite will be available in India. It has been localized in eight different languages and also supports reading and replying messages. Local languages include Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu.

There is a dark theme that has been included in the app. This will make it easy for all those who will use the app at night as they would be able to work on it without having to strain their eyesight.

It also features an integrated camera and has fun bots with a conversational interface which works on Microsoft’s AI technology.
The app has also been equipped with features such as keeping a track on mobile data usage. In order to save data usage, video, photographs, and files that will be exchanged through the conversations will be compressed. Skype Lite is just 13MB in size and will help in conserving the limited space on low-end smartphones which have become so popular in the emerging markets such as India.

Microsoft said that it will integrate the 12 digits unique Aadhaar identification number into the Skype Lite. This will let the users validate the identity of unknown callers in different situations whenever identification verification is needed for situations such as property sale, job interviews, etc. This service will go live only in the month of June this year, the company confirmed.

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Internet access will show rapid growth in India than anywhere across the globe. This will bring about an immense economic and social change in the society. However, there is still time for such a change to happen as it is still in its primary phase.

According to the figures of Counterpoint Research, in a huge population of 1.25 billion people, just 300 million have a smartphone.

Microsoft is not the only one who has tried to help India in its social and economic development; Google has also released many services such as localization tweaks for its Duo and Allo messaging services, offline support for several apps and public Wi-Fi projects. Although these are the big name, Facebook continues to dominate the Indian markets. WhatsApp alone has more than 160 million users, and its main social network platform is dominating the non-messaging area with a user count of about 155 million.

For now Skype Lite has not been made available yet but it will soon be made available in India. The company remained silent on when the app would be made available in other parts of the world.

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