Microsoft’s Bing Search Integrated Mobile Banking In India; Allows You To Check Account Details


Gone are the days when people needed to stand in a long queue just to get their account details or bank statement. Technology has stepped into every step of our life, and this has made our life much easier. In this era of the internet, we are not required to step out the home rather everything is possible just sitting at home only. Mobile banking is one such very useful service which helps us get all the account information in our mobile instantly. The best part is this service is available for 24 hours, so anytime the account details can be accessed sitting at home.

In mobile banking, the users are required to register their mobile number with the bank. After which the users can receive all the details in their mobile only.

Now things are becoming much easier with the search engine Bing integrating Mobile banking service with them. However, this service is available in India only that will allow users to connect with the bank promptly. Account information and bank statement will be available then to the users from the search result. How it works is explained below.

  • When any user searches for any major bank on Bing search engine, the search result will offer two options.
  • The options are balance inquiry by missed call and Mini statement by missed call.
  • Just click on that option, and it will dial the mobile banking number of that bank.
  • Wait for few seconds, and an SMS will arrive in your mobile containing all your account information.
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So, the process does not involve any hassle, just type the bank name and you are good to go. While this integration is an easy way to offer users with needed bank account details, it also comes to offer various advantages as well.

Advantages of Bing’s integration process with Mobile Banking:

  • This process is a very effective way through which user can quickly connect with their required bank.
  • It will save enough time of the users.
  • This process does not require users to memorize the bank’s number or else no need to dig through the contacts.

This mobile banking integration process with Bing is live in India as of now. And it will work in the mobile browsers only across every platform. So, whether you are using Android, iOS or Windows phone, you are supposed to get the advantage of this integration process. But in order to make this process work ensure you have registered the mobile number for mobile banking. Also, the number from which you will be dialing should be updated in the bank’s records.

Bing is one of the popular web search engines which is being owned and operated by Microsoft. This search engine comes to offer varieties of search service such as images, videos, web, map, and other search results. This search engine was launched in 2009, and since then this platform has done a lot to improve the user experience continuously. And this is must mention that this integration step will really be helpful for the users.

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