Mobile Phones Without Panic Button Will Not Be Allowed After February 28th, 2017


After the horrific incident that happened to the student in 2012 in New Delhi, the government of India has formed a fund by the name Nirbhaya. A specific fund was released to equip the law enforcement agencies with the GPS tracking system so that they can track any person in distress with the help of their mobile phones. The government passed a ruling few months ago that no cell phone company can operate in the market without a panic button after Jan 2018. The phones without the panic button cannot be imported in the country after February 28th, 2017.

Most of the mobile companies have already added the feature on most of the mobile phones. Some companies are also working on India-specific update for their handsets which will add the feature in the software. According to the reports, whenever someone presses the SOS or Panic button on the mobile phone, it should connect directly to the emergency helpline.

The much awaited centralized emergency services

The Indian government has been working on a centralized 112 helpline number which will work similar to the 911 number of United States. Instead of remembering different numbers for different services, people living in India will be able to call 112 for police, ambulance, fire department and other support. The trial run of the services was ongoing in Delhi. The government had to stop the trial run as it was getting a lot of prank calls. They are now enhancing the system.

The main aim of the panic button and GPS tracking is to enable the emergency services to response quickly. Without GPS tracking it may take much more time which often becomes life-threatening in many cases. From eve teasing to burglary, accidents, medical attention or any emergency services, the 112 will act as a centralized system.

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The government is planning to launch the services pan-India very soon. It is important to have a centralized system especially in a country as big as India. It will not only reduce the number of deaths due to delay in help but will also provide a sense of security to the citizens of India.

People have concerns though

Some people are though raising voice against the tracking system. They think it is a breach of the privacy of the citizens of India. However, most of the countrymen believe that this will help in enhancing the poor status of emergency services in India.

Developed countries like US and UK are already using a similar system. They have managed to reduce the number of deaths due to different accidents. It is easy to remember one number in case emergency rather than remembering the different number for different services. Sometimes, you have to call different hospitals to get an ambulance. With the help of a centralized system, the operator will take care of the situation. He will send help at the earliest.

If implemented properly, the government is also expecting a drop in the crimes against women. It will improve the country’s reputation on a Global platform.

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