Now Samsung Browser Supports Google Nexus and Pixel phones.


A Recent report suggests, Samsung is planning to provide the browser for Google hardware. Samsung had put its browser on the play store since 2015. Before this, it was available for Galaxy smartphones only. Now, a beta version software can be found on the play store for the Google Pixel and Nexus devices. This is a good news for all Google users who have these devices. They can enjoy fast internet surfing on this new browser.

The description on the app tells that it is available for all Galaxy and Google Nexus phones running 5.0 Lollipop or higher. But it works for Pixel handset as well.

It offers 360-degree videos, DuckDuckGo search. It has the ability to transact online with Samsung pay and has an indicator for Progressive Web Apps. This browser has integrated QR reader, the pop-up video player. It comes with Amazon shopping assistant that compares the prices from the retailers. This is a very useful feature of buyers on Amazon. This app will help you to make the better choice whenever you shop online.

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The new version of the browser comes with lots of new features. Samsung is bringing physical Web support feature known as CloseBy. This will list all websites for the point of interest in your region. Further, it has also got an option to install an ad blocker extension to filter the ads. This browser is built on Chromium 51 platform. This browser is agile keeping in mind the number of features it offers.

This is a really good decision made by the South Korean company to launch for another brand as well. So Guys, if you have got rocking Galaxy, Nexus or Pixel smartphone, go and get this browser from play store. If we consider its feature, then it seems to be a good browser. Many users have installed it from play store on Pixel smartphone in India and were working fine for them. Give it a try and share your comment here.


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