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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is no doubt one of the finest and popular messaging services which are used by people across the world. And with the introduction of many more useful features with days, it seems the popularity of this app is reaching to the peak. It’s just a month when WhatsApp allowed users to share media items in bulk along with making improvement in the GIF as well and now they are in the phase of testing another powerful feature called as ‘Live location tracking’.

Live location tracking

Live location tracking is the new feature of WhatsApp which is aimed at helping the users in tracking their friend’s location through this app in real time. The feature was recently spotted by Twitter user WABetaInfo. Currently, it is in the beta version and will be available in both the platform Android and iOS, but when it will be graduated from the beta version is actually not known. Live location tracking is very helpful in case your friends do have some habit of offering lame excuses when it comes to meeting as all those lame excuses are not going to work now while the new feature will help you track their whereabouts.

More about this live location tracking and its features are explained below:

Live location tracking is a new feature that will help WhatsApp users to track their WhatsApp contacts in real time. So, if you are worried for your friends and want to know their recent location details, this feature is going to help a lot in such cases.

  • This feature will work in group chat. That is users can make their location visible to other members of the group chat which will make it easier to find out the friends.
  • The feature can be enabled for a limited time period while options such as one, two and five minutes are available.
  • Live location tracking will remain disabled by default as it arrives and the users will be required to enable it by going to the settings menu of the WhatsApp. So, the advantage is if you are not comfortable with your friends having the facility to track you all the time, you can always prefer to keep the feature disabled.
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While the WhatsApp users had the facility to share their location earlier as well but this location tracking feature will keep the users one step ahead with the real-time tracking facility.

With all these, Another interesting feature is also spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp. It allows users to edit and recall the sent messages. But it will only work in case that sent messages are not read by the recipients.

So, there is many more stuff to be explored in the upcoming version of Whatsapp. This all together makes this app even more powerful by helping us various ways in our day to day life. This Live location tracking will be that one such helpful feature definitely to help us finding our friends the easiest way sitting at home.

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