OnePlus Bullets V2 headphone launched: Revealing the Amazing Design


The Silver Bullet earphones were launched in 2014 and in 2016 comes out its successor OnePlus Bullets (V2) in-ear headphones. This new headphone achieves great success in the market, and it turns out with an affordable price of Rs. 1,199. It available in two color options white and black and you can purchase online from Amazon or OnePlus store. The gold variation is also there, but presently it’s out of stock in the Indian market. It’s said that the Bullets V2 carries an exclusive design revealing a sleek model along with good materials. So, it becomes a popular one presently, and it also partnered with LOFO, the German audio experts. The Bullets even fit the ARYPHAN polyarylate diaphragm and is extremely lightweight with higher frequency and vibration. Bullets V2 weight is about 14gms, and thus you can carry it easily especially while traveling.

Detailed Specifications

The new Bullets V2 headphones give you an impedance of 24? with the frequency ranging from 20-20,000Hz. Alongside, it even gives you better sound quality with a level of 107dB. The overall length of the cable is 1.25mm, and the wire is a coated copper wire. And the coil is made up of copper-clad aluminum with the driver unit diameter as 9mm, and this is the standard size. The driver is rated with a power of 3mW, and the entire harmonic distortion becomes less than 1% with 1000Hz or 1mW. This new headphone gives you the opportunity of consistent listening without any interruption. The Bullets V2 even come out with a 3.5mm headphone jack, which you can use without any difficulties. While wearing, you can listen to the favorite tracks peacefully with maximum comfort.

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Excellent Sound Quality

It tuned in a nice way, and you can get a sweet spot producing melodious sound, which won’t give your ears a bad feel. So, you can get a good listening experience, as it’s optimized with the tri-band tuning procedure. It thus produces last generation’s killer sound with improved listening sessions. Bullets V2 even delivers richer bass with a frail treble and a flawless midrange. Taken as a whole, the headphone gives you the desired sound inspiring you to listen to more music all the time. 205 Zircon Sand is spread on the soft earbuds improving the feel, and you can keep them on ears for a long time. The rim is curved carefully using a diamond cutter leaving clean edges producing the perfect shape.

Final Words

A CD type of groove is scrupulously carved into the edges of the earbuds, and it makes them more durable reducing the weight. The coil used is responsible bringing out each single detail, which remains hidden within the tracks. So, if you want to take good care of your ear, the new Bullet V2 headphone is the one option for you. Finally, you can get the exclusive headphone with modern design and thus listening to music thus becomes easier for you. Anytime, anywhere you can tune on the tracks with the Bullet V2 headphone on your ear.

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