OnePlus, Meizu are reportedly cheating on smartphone benchmark scores


Today’s smartphone and tablet market are very competitive. These companies mostly use unethical method to boost their benchmark score. High benchmark score used to gain popularity among users and critics. Recently Oneplus and Meizu have reportedly under scanner for cheating the score. These both mobile companies are found guilty for increasing the benchmarking score artificially.

Geekbench and XDA developers revealed this fact. They announced that OnePlus 3T and Meizu Pro 6 are using false benchmarking to lure its customers. When both model tested for benchmark test, both reportedly failed to achieve the score. Now OnePlus is defending this. It has announced to implement certain mechanisms in the community and Nougat builds. This build will improve the user experience on some graphically intensive games.

This is not the first time that these benchmark results are under scanner. Before this, Samsung used false score to gain popularity. Back in 2014, Samsung had cheated to increase their benchmark score. When users come to know about this the Samsung rolled back the fraud practice.

Methods used to cheat users

XDA found that when using certain benchmarking apps OnePlus 3T would stay above the desired level. These scores vary and stay .98GHZ for little cores and 1.29GHZ for big cores. These scores come down to .31GHZ without any load. This clearly means that OnePlus 3T was targeting some specific benchmark by name and was entering in other modes. This is unknown to users in order to increase the score. This different version was designed to avoid benchmark detection.  This false version runs on the app as normal.

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Although difference noted was very minimal for OnePlus 3T. Difference between actual and false benchmark score was not high. But this is really questionable. For the Meizu Pro 6, this difference was greater. Meizu also seems tuning its device to detect benchmarking apps and enter into high gear to boost benchmarking score.

OnePlus 3T promised to stop targeting enhancers to increase score. Company may use enhancers for games to provide better speed. Company has assured not to use such methods in OxygenOS builds. It will use certain mechanism in Community and Nougat processor to work aggressively. This will provide better user experience. This will allow users to enjoy speed with better graphics.

XDA developers found the enhancers to boost the speed far more than OnePlus. Meizu goes in ‘Performance mode’ from its ‘Standard mode’ when it detects any benchmark mark apps. This ‘performance mode’ is faster than usual when it’s used in benchmark apps. Although company has not given any response against this.

Such unethical means really very unusual for users. They have certainly lost their confidence in benchmarking score and these companies. From now onwards with such repeated events buyers will not take benchmarking scores as final for smartphone performance.

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