Oral-B Launches Electric Rechargeable Toothbrushes in India


Famous multinational oral product manufacturer, Oral-B has released its range of toothbrushes which can be recharged electrically.

Oral-B has been around for long winning the hearts of people in terms or oral hygiene. There are two versions of the toothbrushes that have been launched. The first one is Oral-B PRO 600 that has been priced at Rs.3,800 and the second one is Oral-B PRO 2000 which will be available for Rs.5,800.

With the world moving faster every day and technology becoming more and more sophisticated each day there are smaller things that tend to get ignored. At times busy schedule and pressure of work, force people to ignore the actual time needed for health care. Dental care seems to be on top of this ignore list.

According to one of the survey’s done by Oral-B it showed that about 80% of people gave very less time for brushing teeth in one zone of their mouth. The same survey showed that about 60% of people completely missed brushing their molars or hardly gave time to brush them clean. Independent scientific research advises that it is necessary to brush all zones in the mouth consistently, rather than brushing for a long time.

Wrong way of brushing teeth results in several oral health problems the most common being tooth decay. These electric toothbrushes make sure that the procedure of brushing happens correctly and every zone of your mouth is cleaned properly.

The electric toothbrushes have been designed to remove plaque 100% more than the manual toothbrushes. The Oral-B PRO 600 and PRO 2000 have been designed with rotating technologies, proprietary oscillating and pulsating technology. These high-end features outdo the regular manual toothbrushes. To add, here is a list of some additional features of these electric toothbrushes.

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Additional features

  • The brush has been designed to surround every tooth, reach and clean even the difficult areas.
  • The visible pressure sensor will light up if you put too much pressure because it could lead to over- brushing, which is unsafe for our teeth.
  • The criss-cross bristles have been set at 16-degree angle to rotate, oscillate and pulsate. This movement will break and remove 100% plaque from your teeth.
  • There are two different modes on the brush. One is ‘daily clean’ for daily brushing and second is ‘Gum Care’ which massages your gums gently to stimulate your gums.
  • The ‘On Handle Timer’ will tell you once you have finished brushing one quadrant and move to the other. It buzzes every 30 seconds to alert you. It also alerts you once you have completed brushing for 2 minutes, which the dentists recommend.

Two minutes with Oral-B’s electric toothbrushes slows down plaque and tartar build-up. This saves you from more severe dental problems of bad breath, cavities, and gingivitis. It looks like these electric toothbrushes are here to solve the oral hygiene problems. So, are you planning to get one of these brushes to have a healthy life?

Did you know B in the Oral-B stands for Brush!

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