Panasonic launched 7 new air purifiers for Indian market


The air quality in India, especially in the Delhi-NCR region, is getting worse every day. According to the recent studies, if you breathe in the Delhi air, it will be equal to smoking 9 cigarettes. Recently, the Supreme Court has also banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR. The order will make sure that they are not burst during any religious event or function like weddings. Now days keeping air purifier at home has become a necessity. The situation is not good in other cities as well.

Panasonic wants to make sure that the consumer has enough options. Thus the company has launched 7 new air purifiers for the Indian market. All the models are for the indoor purpose only. According to the company, all seven models have with Nanoe technology. This technology enables the air purifier to enhance the quality of air. It is capable of filtering out harmful particles including PM2.5. It also removed odor from the room and helps in keeping the skin hydrated.

Panasonic also mentioned that the purifiers come with Econavi technology. It monitors the behavior of the buyer and reduces the unnecessary functioning of the device. By keeping the functioning limited, it increases the durability of the device. The air purifiers are available in different sizes that will suit rooms of almost every size.

Panasonic’s Statement

In the statement, the company mentioned that the purifiers have two different air filters. These are HEPA Composite and Composite Air Filter. The second filter contains Super Allergy-Buster, Green Tea Catechin, and Anti-Bacteria Enzyme. They all work together and kill or remove 17 different kinds of harmful bacteria, virus, and allergens from the air. The HEPA Composite filter can remove 99.7 percent particles from the air. It works to remove PM2.5 particles. These tiny particles can penetrate into the gas-exchange regions of the lung. They can cause respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

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Syed Moonis Ali Alvi is the General Manager of Purifier Business at Panasonic India. He issued a statement about the air purifiers. He said that the quality of the air inside our house and the office is all about the health and comfort. It is important to breathe fresh and clean air while being at home and office. In the houses we live in these days are not ventilated. The problem is same with the offices as well. Most of the offices are in the closed environment. The air conditioners we use are not designed to clean the air. The Nanoe technology, HEPA/Composite Air Filter, and Econavi technology work together. They counter the effects of pollutant and odor in the air.

The new purifiers start at Rs 11,995. The air purifiers come in 7 models. the following models at these prices:

  • F-PBJ30ADD Orange cost at Rs 11,995
  • F-PXJ30AAD Turquoise at Rs 16,995
  • F-PXM35ASD Silver model is available at Rs 20,995
  • F-PXM35AAD Flower will cost at Rs 21,995
  • F-VXM35AAD L-Blue model comes at Rs 27,995
  • F-PXM55AND C-Gold priced at Rs 34,995
  • F-PXM55AAD O-Blue at Rs 33,995
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