All phones should have regional language support after 1st July 2017


According to GSMA, India will have more than a billion active mobile users by the end of 2020. This is a huge number. In fact, India is emerging as the biggest mobile market. Reliance Jio fired the war between telecom companies to stop customers from porting. Every telecom company wants to make money and break other’s customers. New and cheap plans are launching every day.

In all this havoc, the mobile makers are taking full advantage of the situation. Every day new 4G enabled handsets are getting launched at an affordable price. Reliance has announced that it will also launch 4G LTE enabled feature phones soon. This will make 4G even cheaper. At this moment, it is important for the Indian govt to make sure that every person can use the mobile phones.

The new orders by Indian Government

India is a vast country. We have more than 21 writable languages. The mobile companies find it hard to provide support for the regional language. Only a few languages have support for the smartphones. According to the new ruling applies to all the phones comes out in the market after 1st July 2017. They should have support for Indian languages. At present only a handful of mobile phones has this feature.

What will be the impact?

Most of the users are unable to use the phones at a full potential just because they cannot type in English or Hindi. With local language support, it will be easier for these users to have a text based chat. They can use a phone for their own benefits. It will make the situation easier for those who want to use phones for their work.

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The official notification

The official notification states the provisions of Electronics and Information Technology Goods. It has the Requirements for Compulsory Registration passed in the Order during 2012. It implies all the mobile phones should have regional language support from July 1st, 17.

Pankaj Mohindroo who is the National President of Indian Cellular Association issued a statement. He said that this is one of the most awaited steps. The Indian cellular companies were hoping to see for a long time. This decision will act as the foundation stone of reaching the billion mark sooner in the future. The order stands in line with the vision of Digital India.

The impact of this desiccation will be overwhelming for the Indian mobile market. The number of users will increase. That means more business for mobile manufacturers and telecom companies as well. Digital India will become a reality if every citizen connects to the digital world. The regional language support will definitely help in this path.

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