PlayStation 4 Pro Gets ‘Boost Mode’ in Latest 4.50 Update


The recently launched PlayStation4 Pro console by Sony comes with a better GPU, an upgraded CPU, and bigger bandwidth compared to the original PlayStation4. Basically what we are getting with the boost is the capacity to upscale 1080 pixels which would work only on a 4K monitor, more stable and higher frame rate, added graphic features and enhanced visual dependability.

A recent update that Sony has been rolling out will let the PlayStation4 Pro buyers get some more worth of their money invested. The firmware update version 4.50 that had been codenamed Sasuke has been exceptionally designed for PlayStation4, but the fixes and update are also applicable for PlayStation4 Pro users.

The main feature that is known as Boost Mode that is especially for PlayStation4 Pro. It works at a higher GPU and CPU clock speed so that the quality of gameplay is enhanced on the PlayStation4 games that were launched before PlayStation4 Pro was released. The games that have a mutable frame rate might advantage from a higher frame rate and might shorten the loading times too.

In short, after the upgrade, the system would have the ability to make the best of the older PlayStation titles irrespective of the fact whether or not the developers have optimized them for doing this. What Sony intends here is that the PlayStation4 and PlayStation4 Pro exist simultaneously. The company has reiterated itself about all PlayStation4 based games to running on PlayStation4 Pro and so would the PlayStation4 Pro games run on the standard PlayStation4. The only difference will be that the PlayStation4 Pro would have the capacity to better the quality of graphics of these games.

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So far as the existing games are concerned the developers have the choice to integrate the PlayStation4 Pro support in these games through patches. Once Sony’s Boost Mode, which is still in beta now, would be ready and rolling the developers would be spared from the trouble of integrating PlayStation4 Pro support to older titles.

The PlayStation4 is getting ready to get external Hard Disk Drive support(HDD) of about 8TB so that the gamers can download and install applications straight to the external storage. They would also be able to use or even edit and use the screenshots from their game and set it as their system wallpaper. Another important characteristic would be that they would get support for 3D Blu Rays on PlayStation VR.

Sony’s PlayStation VR headset bundle along with the PlayStation 4 camera and the PlayStation4 Pro was recently released in India. The PlayStation VR Headset bundle with the PlayStation4 camera can be bought for Rs.41,990. The PlayStation4 Pro has been released with a price of Rs. 38, 990.

The PlayStation4 Pro will be available in the market by the second week of February. The PlayStation VR headset bundle would take some time and would be in stores from March. The bundle can be pre-ordered at selected stores.

Sony has announced to launch another PlayStation VR bundle without a camera for Rs. 37, 990. This might not be on their recent to do list and is expected to arrive only later this year.

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