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Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of Service

This document describes the Privacy Policy of the It sets the basic rules that are to be followed while managing data collected from the users of the website (“site”). Here, the term “user” can be used to represent any user. “Managing” refers to how user information is used, stored or disclosed by the site authority. However, in addition to the site itself, this Privacy Policy is also valid for any associated services or products of obtained from the site.

Personal information

The site authority may collect personal information to identify an individual site user from his or her registration data, subscriptions, survey responses, etc. However, this information is collected with the user’s consent. The information that is required to be submitted to gain full access to the site’s features may include name, address, email address, payment information, contact numbers, etc. The submission of personal information is entirely a choice of the user. It is possible to browse the site anonymously.

Non-personal information

The site may store non-personal information of its visitors. For example, when someone visits our site the browser information is automatically recorded to provide pages that are compatible with that browser. Other non-personal information includes the operating system, location information, IP address, etc.


For proper functioning of the site, the site may store cookies on each user’s computer. Cookies may be used to store individual preferences or other customization data. It is possible to deny cookies from the user’s end. Or any user can even set his or her browser to ask for permission before storing cookies.

How collected information is used uses information collected from the site for –

  • Giving each user a personalized experience: We want our site to be useful for every single user. So we try to display the most relevant content to you based on any personal information you provide us.
  • Improving the content of the site: Our users are the best judges of what fits and what doesn’t. Any feedback from the users regarding site’s content is used to make our site better. Feedback may include surveys, opinion polls, etc.
  • Providing help and support: We need to use your personal information to provide proper help and support if you have any issues.
  • Running promotional campaigns: We may send you occasional emails regarding promotional offers related to new products and services. You will always have the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list.

How your information is stored

Any information we collect is stored securely on our data servers. Our data servers are protected by standard security protocols to ensure there is no unauthorized access or loss of personal information.

How your information is shared

Personal information collected on the site is not handed to any outside entity for any reason including business purposes. However, we may share non-personal average usage statistics with advertisers, affiliates or partners to monetize our site or to gain market insight.

Links to third party websites

Any of the links or advertisers that are posted in our site but belongs to other third parties is not controlled by our Privacy Policy. The content of advertisers comes from our advertising partners or sponsors. Our site authority will not be responsible for any issues related to a third-party site or third party content linked to our site. Please refer to the respected website’s policies before you proceed.


Ads on our sites come from advertising partners. These advertisers may use cookies to deliver personalized ads based on your browsing habits. With cookies present in one’s hard drive, advertisers will be able to recognize a certain user or computer. The information collected this way is generally non-personal. However, the advertisers are not bound by the site’s Privacy Policy.

Google AdSense

Apart from sponsored ads, our site also uses Google AdSence service to get advertisements. Google uses its special DART cookies to build user profiles containing your IP, browser, language, time zone, etc. to uniquely identify each PC. Google may also collect information regarding the number of times an ad gets clicked or show ads depending on your search habits. According to Google’s Privacy Policy, the information collected is non-personal. For more information visit:

Our Advertising Partners

Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and web beacons on our site. Our advertising partners include …….

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Kontera

While each of these advertising partners has their own Privacy Policy for their site, an updated and hyperlinked resource is maintained here: Privacy Policies.You may consult this listing to find the privacy policy for each of the advertising partners of

Changes to this Privacy Policy has the right to modify this Privacy Policy without any prior notification. As soon as the Privacy Policy is changed, this page will be updated to reflect those changes. It is expected that the users of the site will visit this page on their own responsibility to keep themselves informed about the latest policy. By using this site, you accept the fact that we are not responsible to explicitly announce any change in our Privacy Policy, except updating this page.

Your acceptance of these terms

You are automatically taken to be complying with this Privacy Policy when you browse the site. So it is expected that you will read this document before using our site or any of our services. If you do not agree with any of the terms described in this Privacy Policy, please do not use this site.

Contacting us

You can contact us regarding this Privacy Policy or any other site related issues.

Here is our contact information:


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This Privacy Policy was last updated on October 24th, 2015.
Should we update, amend or make any changes to our privacy policy, those changes will be posted here.