Pwn2Own Hacking Competition: Ubuntu Linux Falls on Day One


The Pwn2Own Hacking Competition started on 15th March 2017. The security researchers have successfully made use of the leading names like Microsoft Edge, Ubuntu Linux, Adobe Reader and Apple Safari. ZDI (Zero Day Initiative) by Trend Micro supports the Pwn2Own Hacking Competition. ZDI has already given the security researchers with around 233,000 US Dollars for their great efforts.

This is the 10th year of Hacking Competition contest. This competition is being held in Vancouver at the CanSecWest Conference. The Competition has always aimed at the web browsers. The 2017 Competition is providing Linux as well. The main aim is on the Ubuntu 16.10 Linux distribution. The security researchers for the first-time have aimed at this open-source OS.

ZDI said that the Chaitin Security Research Lab has initiated the Ubuntu Linux to the Pwn2Own Hacking Competition with a Linux kernel. The Chaitin Security Research Lab was awarded a prize worth 15,000 US Dollars for its efforts.

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A senior security researcher named Abdul Hariri said that the error was found in the Linux 4.8 kernel. This kernel that is used by the Ubuntu 16.10 distribution was hacked at the Hacking Competition. The error was initiated in the kernel by a researcher himself. Hariri said that ZDI would reveal all the kernel problems to Canonical. Canonical is the leader in the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu. However, Hariri reported that there was no representative from the side of Canonical at the event.

In addition to Ubuntu Linux attack, the Hacking Competition has also aimed at the Apache Web Server that runs on Ubuntu 16.10 Linux as its target.

Pwn2Own Hacking Competition was continued until 17th March 2017. More researchers made their attempts for performing additional ZDI exploits. This was aimed at asking for more award money from ZDI.

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