Reliance Lyf Smartphone Apparently Bursts into Flames: Investigation Still Awaiting


After ill-reputed Galaxy Note 7 mess and some examples of iPhones, finally, Reliance LYF smartphone joins the latest list of disaster epidemic. As on Sunday, a Reliance Lyf smartphone has allegedly exploded, and somehow the user had escaped the injury. However, the reason for this explosion is still unclear.


What was Incident?

Because of some faulty batteries, other smartphones have been allegedly reported to be exploded by following the trail of firecrackers. Similarly, a Reliance Lyf smartphone caught fire and exploded as shared by a Twitter user named as Tanvir Sadiq.

He has also mentioned how his family closely escaped the situation without getting injured. In his Twitter post, he has also mentioned that this is a serious issue. And other Lyf smartphone user should be much more cautious and also the Reliance Company needs to handle this issue carefully. On the other hand, one should recollect all the faulty Lyf handsets as early as possible.

According to the photos and other details shared by Sadiq, this Lyf smartphone seems to be the smartphones with a detachable battery. The brand logo is also visible on the back cover of the device. The battery is seen to be completely burnt. Also, the rear portion of the device has seen to be melted.

xreliance-jio-lyf-exploded-lead-07-1478498520-jpg-pagespeed-ic-cyqpa7djgsJio in Action

Reliance is managing this situation with much efficiency. In an e-mailed statement, one of their spokespersons told that LYF range of smartphones is manufactured and designed after following each and every global standard like other world’s leading smartphone manufacturers.

Every model of smartphone undergoes a strict quality control procedure. He also said that they are taking the episode reported in social media much more seriously. Even they will try their level best to assess the cause and will follow a series of thorough investigation in this incidence. Customer safety is vital for them and, based on the investigation they will implement appropriate action necessary.

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After Sadiq’s photo had become viral on the social network, Reliance’s LYF came in touch with Sadiq and searched for his details. Lyf’s team on social media also commented that as said earlier they are still trying to find out the root cause of the incident and soon will inform about any more updates.

Lyf is a smartphone brand from Reliance Retail smartphones that came into the market early this year. Mukesh Ambani launched 4G services named as Jio in the form of SIM cards with Lyf smartphones together with a Welcome offer. Sale of Reliance Lyf smartphones rocketed after free Reliance Jio SIM started offering unlimited phone calls. Alongside, they also opted 4G data for customers who are buying Lyf smartphones.

CyberMedia Research

According to CyberMedia Research, Lyf smartphones are ranked among three topmost 4G devices retailed in India. They also come out with Lyf stocking certain percentage market shares at the end of this year. In this condition, this sudden mishap is really a big tragedy for the company.  However, the investigation is still going on to keep up the company’s as well as the brand’s reputation.

With the Reliance Lyf smartphone, it is still not clear exactly which device has exploded, and further investigation is awaited. But low-cut reports cannot results for Reliance Company to announce a recall. Still, an investigation should go on to ensure the protection of users.


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