Review: Langsdom FA890 Premium Genuine Wood Headphones

Introduction Langsdom FA890

With the many options today available on headphones, think about the amount of time you may have to spend trying to locate the best headphones. We cut down that time by sharing this review about the Langsdom FA890 model. It is designed to simply stand out among several comparable models. You will have an easy time making your decision after learning about the different features the model can deliver. The model might be new, but it is quickly getting the attention of many people. For a number of features it has, the model should for sure be great for multiple applications.  As much as some of the best headphones under 100 might try to rival it, in the end, it emerges the best.

Design and build

Many people would want something different rather than what they have seen as headphones. You are in luck when you buy this model as the design is unique and gives you a different look. The wooden headphones are a conversation starter. Most of the time you would hear other people trying to know how it feels whenever wearing it, and also the unique because of the wood construction.

The wood construction as part of the design gives you a unique experience for optimal bass. You will be able to enjoy the bass just like when using any other model today. The construction also gives you immersive 3D sound. Such type of sound is great for DJs and gamers. For the games, you would always end up listening to every sound in the game so that you can plan your gaming strategy.

As much as the wooden headphones are fun and unique, the replacement parts might not always be available. You would have to take good care of your headphones so that they do not end up breaking anytime soon.

The durability of these headphones is just like other average headphones. Some people might be concerned about the durability because it has the wooden components. That should not be much of an issue as you get well-protected wooden earcups. The idea is to make the earcups strong enough to withstand the different scenarios that could easily make them break.

Sound quality

If you are going to invest a lot of money in buying the headphones, you have to be sure that they are worth every penny. It is not just about the build, but also the sound quality. The FA890 model comes with patented Dual-Diaphragm drivers. The work of these drivers is to separate the bass from the highs and mids. The result is that you end up with a model that can serve you with the best quality in terms of sound. It is the reason professionals such as DJs can easily want to have such a model in their collection. It is both stylish and functional.

As much as the sound quality is great, there are a few hiccups along the way. The model has an open back design; something the manufacturer does not mention. This means that these headphones will have space to pick up the extra noise from the environment. You might not be able to enjoy using such a model out in public. Such a feature as you see would limit the use of the headphones in various places. The manufacturer claims that there is a natural noise cancellation, but it is not enough to deal with the ambient noise outdoors.


It is obvious that you would end up thinking about the comfort level you get from the headphones. It is crucial that you get to understand the different features of the model that deliver on comfort before even buying it. For FA890 model, the manufacturer has gone all at it to ensure you get a comfortable listening session with a few modifications.

The memory foam cushions are important for making the headphones feel comfortable. They are also made from vegan leather, which should be able to last for a long time. The headband is also good in various aspects such as comfort. The padded headband will comfortably wrap around your head to ensure that you have the right comfort level always. With such comfort designs integrated into the model, you can be sure that it will be easy to wear them for long listening sessions.

Weight and portability

The Langsdom FA890 headphones weigh around 1.9 pounds, which should be within the range of many other headphones. You would be happy to use them more often knowing that they will not feel too heavy on your head. When it comes to portability, the manufacturer supplies the model with a cloth bag. Use it as your carry bag to protect the headphones and for better portability too.

Multiple applications

Headphones are continuing to have more applications for each day that passes. People want more applications so that they do not have to keep on buying parts separately when it could be achieved by one device. The manufacturer made this model to be easily compatible with various devices. The best part is that the model is plug and play with no configuration needed. You can use it on your PC, smartphones among many other devices.

Whenever you are listening to music from the phone, it is still possible to receive the calls with these headphones. The microphone included in with headphones will make it easy to have a conversation with the headphones plugged in. The microphone is also tuned and optimized for making calls and voice recognition too.

The Review

Langsdom FA890

7.8 Score

"You will end up with the best design whenever you buy this model. It has been designed to ensure that you always get the right look and stand out from other headphones. It is not just for listening to music; you could also receive calls with it rather than having to disconnect the headphones. Such a feature is also common with best headphones under 100, but it is still worth getting it too on this model. Get these headphones today to feel the power of a unique design.  "

The Good

  • It has a deep bass people like
  • The wooden construction makes them different
  • The headphones are highly comfortable
  • The built-in mic is important for receiving calls

The Bad

  • The natural noise canceling feature does not work effectively


  • Deep bass 80%
  • Build quality 90%
  • Comfort 80%
  • Noise Canceling 60%



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