Review: Netgear AC3200 trai-band WiFi router

Netgear R8000 has impressed many since its release. It is an upgrade to the previous version the R7000 model which was considered one of the best home routers from the Netgear.

It has to be pointed out that many have advised the firm to provide an update to the firmware of the device so as to fix the few rough spots that some have noted when using the router.


What makes this device special is that it operates on more than a dual band spectrum. The normal routers would usually operate on 2.4GHz and 5GHz, but the AC3200 operates on 2.4GHz and two 5GHz bands that are quite impressive. The tri-band concept used allows the router to connect multiple wireless devices on a single network.

The two 5GHz are meant to act as performance load balancers and helps manage the heavy internet tasks of the smart devices in our homes. It has to be noted that our tablets, smartphones and consoles use so much bandwidth doing things such as Streaming HQ videos and playing games online.

In order to avoid any fluctuations when using the network, the device configures the two 5GHz on different channels. This allows for the user to use the router without any loss in performance. Here are some of the features of this amazing router:



  • It has a USB 3.0 port and share vault app

This makes the router capable of high transfer speeds between devices. In addition, it contains storage that is available for use and through the use of the share vault app the user can make/schedule backup for their PCs on the home network.

  • Implicit and Explicit beamforming

This feature is what helps keep the Wi-FI signal focused. For those who don’t know beam forming, it is a feature that comes with most of the modern routers. Instead of the Wi-Fi signal being transmitted everywhere like a lamp with light. It is transmitted to specific points/ Wi-FI clients in its range. It is because of this that the router can provide the strong connections to the devices connected to it.

  • Smart connect

This feature is one of the things that makes the router amazing. As said earlier, the router has two 5GHz bands that are out in place to account for heavy usage. The Netgear AC3200 can intelligently select the best WI-Fi for every device connected to it. This ensures that the devices all get access to the fast internet without hiccups.

  • Powerful amplifiers and good antennas

A simple way to describe the device is that it looks like an insect. A very innovative and unique design, it looks like an insect because of the six antennas that are on the sides of the device. These antennas are combined with powerful amplifiers to ensure that the range of the network is wider.

The device is definitely a game changer, but all devices have their strengths and flaws, and this router isn’t any different. Here is a look at some of the pros and cons:


  • Powerful hardware and Ultimate performance

The device has some amazing hardware specs that ensure that you enjoy the internet experience when using the device.  Once you use the router, there is no denying the noticeable improvement in performance of the router. The hardware allows it to connect to some devices with ease and also provide fast internet speeds seamlessly.

  • The auxiliary features are fantastic

The extra features such as VPN, parental controls and network sharing are an added advantage and can be accessed easily and used by the users with little to no difficulty.

  • The range is amazing

This has been noted especially in the 2.4GHZ band, the range that you’ll get when using it is just fantastic to say the least.

  • It’s stylish and useful

The beetle spaceship design that the firm adopted when making the router gives the device a unique kind of look as well as making it look kind of cool, if we do say so ourselves. The design is also useful because the open mesh design used eliminates the need for a fan. This is definitely amazing considering other devices in the market are starting to use fans.

  • Guest Network

Netgear AC3200 router supports guest network so you can give a separate password and network SSID for your guests to connect to the internet. It makes easy to restrict anyone access to your private network.


  • It’s expensive

There is no doubt that at the current pricing, the router is definitely expensive. Whether it is worth the money is a difficult question to answer. It is actually relative and depends on the user.

  • The size is a problem

This might not be a problem for some, but it might bother others. The size of the router is huge and is definitely harder to hide.


  • Firmware needs updating

There have been some issues the wireless connection. Users have reported the issue when setting up the router. Most users have reported that updating the firmware that the router uses has helped alleviate the problem.

  • Smart Connect

This feature allows the router to optimize which band the device connect to improve performance. Unfortunately, Smart Connect had some issues with some devices dropping and re-connecting. However, you can switch this feature off.

  • Non-detachable antennas:

You cannot replace it with higher powered antennas. This is big let down at this price router.

The Review

Netgear AC3200 trai-band WiFi router

7.8 Score

"The AC3200 is an amazing router that you should pick up if you are ever in the market for a new router. The amazing range that it offers and the powerful hardware and features will definitely be a plus for anyone that decides to use it."

The Good

  • Good Range on 2.4GHZ
  • Beamforming Technology
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Guest Network
  • Fast

The Bad

  • Smart Connect must improve
  • No Dual WAN
  • Non-detachable antennas
  • Expensive


  • WiFi Range 80%
  • Smart Connect 70%
  • Easy to use 80%
  • Performance 80%
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