Review: Moto X Style (Pure edition)

Moto X Style (Pure Edition)

The new Moto X Style Style looks very familiar to last year’s model because it shares the same body style of the 2014 phone. Moto X Style still gets the same button placement and the same power button as previous models.

So what is new in Moto X Style?

First of all, it’s a little bit bigger, and it gets a new back plate design and still with a dimple that is pretty nice for holding it but a bit more narrow. There are also some new back materials, like rubberized wood and leather.If you do stick with this rubber option, you almost don’t need any cases or skins with this phone. It is one of the grapiest phones out there which makes it really comfortable to hold despite being bigger. There’s also new a combo nano SIM tray and microSD card slot at the top for expandable storage up to 128GB.


The biggest improvements of the Moto X style is a Quad HD IPS display and two stereo speakers. For some reason, last year the Moto X Style switched back to speaker only on the top and not at the bottom. So this year we get that stereo upgrade back, and they’re right up there as the best sounding speakers. Alarm, Notification sounds, and music get really loud with very little distortion. Watching videos and gaming give you that stereo audio experience as things moves across the display that is really awesome.


The Moto X Style doesn’t have access to the battery, but you do get turbocharging. The phone itself already has a pretty decent battery life, but the ability to just like plug-in for a few minutes at a massive amount of charge is super useful even the phone does last pretty much all day. Moto X Style has a 3000mAh battery and Battery life is very solid. It typically made it to the end of the day, which is a nice. We had approached four hours of screen on time by the end of the day. If had a heavy day with like a lot of navigation, a lot of gaming or something power source so quick charging is pretty consistently saving the day.



Now inside of the Moto X Style you will find some pretty high-end specs. Moto X Style has Snapdragon 808 chip the Adreno 418 GPU, Natural Language Processor, and Contextual Computing Processor and 3 GB of RAM.


This new Moto X Style is moving from last year’s 1080p OLED display to this year’s Quad HD IPS LCD. So this is an interesting choice for a couple of reasons. On the panel itself you know viewing angles are pretty good and its overall a pretty nice bright, crisp display. Technical complaint about Moto X Style is, it’s not bright as others so not quite readable in outdoor light. Also, it doesn’t get quite as dim either in the lowest of low light.


The biggest change of the Moto X Style is the brand new 21 megapixels Sony camera sensor. The camera in the smartphone is much improved from the last version as Motorola claimed. It’s definitely better than any other Motorola smartphone cameras in the past. But despite being 21 megapixels it’s not quite measuring up to the super high-end flagship phones that are six seven eight hundred dollars.

This is a prime example of any camera more megapixels doesn’t necessarily mean better.


Outdoors the photos can look really beautiful from the Moto X Style of course with great sharpness and detail and decent colors and dynamic range. Best part it is not too aggressive with the sharpening like you might find on a Samsung camera, but you still get plenty of details. There is no optical image stabilization. So once you get into not so great light or not ideal conditions the photos break down pretty quickly and also become more aware of the limited dynamic range.

The biggest complaint about the camera is the camera app. they try to keep it super simple with the menu sort of tucked away on the left and one giant shutter button with the whole viewfinder.

Anyways, the rest of this phone is very similar to last year’s Moto X Style, which is a really good thing. The software experience is largely the same as last year that is to say near stock Android 5.1. Moto X Style comes with Moto app that is housing most of the Moto magic and a lot of functions continually updated through the Play Store, so it gets better over time.

Moto X Style has a Moto actions, so you can use Moto actions to double choc to turn on the flashlight that one’s new. You can also double twist to open the camera quickly which means don’t need to camera shortcut on the home screen anywhere. It still have infrared sensors to what you wave over the phone to see you notification preview in Moto display. It has more stuff like this all over the place it can be added as a guest to learn your behavior, and It kept noticing overall performance as a near stock Android phone.

The Review

Moto X Style (Pure edition)

8 Score

"Moto X Style is smoothest QHD smartphone, just smooth as something like Galaxy S6. Everyday performance and multitasking despite having a less RAM and a different chip. It's likely overall the best experiences in this budget. It's near stock Android, so it's probably going to get marshmallow update pretty soon."

The Good

  • Expandable storage
  • Good build quality
  • Stock Android

The Bad

  • Average camera performance in low light
  • Not Slim body


  • Display 80%
  • Battery 70%
  • Camera 80%
  • Software 90%
  • Performance 80%



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