Review: TP-LINK TL WN725N Wireless N Nano USB Adapter

TP-Link WN725N USB adapter will leave you amazed by its size. The WN725N USB adapter from TP link is not only miniature in its design, but it is also lightweight. The design of the device allows you just to plug it in your laptop and completely forget about it.

It also gives you the capability to connect to 802.11b/g/n networks. This means you can get online anywhere in the world as long as a Wi-Fi signal is present. The device is convenient in terms of its size making it easier for people to carry it with them wherever they go.

This network adapter allows its users to browse the web, stream videos and download files at very fast speeds once connected to the internet. Although it looks small, the device contains an antenna on the inside that allows you to connect to frequencies ranging from 2.400-2.4385GHZ.

Although these numbers might seem strange to you, all you need to know is that this feature gives you more flexibility in terms of connecting to the available wireless networks. Also, it has two modes with which you could use to connect to an AP.

There is the infrastructure mode that seems to be easier and allows you to connect to AP’s with no problem. On the other hand, the Ad- hok functionality is for the more tech savvy people and enables you to temporarily create your network.

The security configuration on WN725N comes in a variety of encryption standards such as WPA and WPA2 to protect your network from being messed with by other people. This is made possible by the integrated WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button that is located on the adapter. Before we go into the reason you should use this adapter, here are some of its specs:

Specs of the WN725N

–    Soft AP feature

This can be activated after installing the bundled utility software and allows the user to create a wireless hotspot for their mobile devices using the available Wi-Fi network. This feature is useful for when there is a limitation to accessing the internet. For instance, when there is one cable for the internet and many people who want to use it.

–    150Mbps Wireless N Speed

The network adapter complies with the wireless 802.11 b/g/n standards which allow it to transmit data of up to 15o Mbps. It’s also well protected by WEP, WPA/WPA2 and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryptions. The adapter is well protected.

–    Plug in and forget

This is a feature that is made possible by the sleek and miniature design of the device. This allows you to connect the device to the PC and leave it there because it won’t block adjacent ports and won’t fall out when you move your laptop. You plug it in and never have the need/reason to remove it hence you forget it there.

Some other notable specs are such as USB 2.0 support. Furthermore, with any purchase of the disk the user can expect a resource CD and quick installation guide that can help in setting up the network adapter to your PC. In addition, they are meant to allow even the novice of users to have a bit more knowledge on how to set up a wireless network.  You might still be wondering why you should consider using this router, well here are some of the reasons:

Why should you use this WN725N router?

–    Convenience

Using this device gives you an element of convenience. This could be attributed to the miniature design of the adapter that allows you to connect the nano adapter to any USB port and to leave it there. The size can allow you to plug in and forget because it won’t block the adjacent USB interfaces either. Also, you could move your laptop without worrying that the network adapter will fall off.

–    Stable wireless signal

This is undeniable considering that the adapter can transmit data at rates of up to 150Mbps. Furthermore, it complies with the 802.11b/g/n standards which are used by almost all Wi-Fi networks. What this means for you is a fast wireless connection for endless streaming and online gaming.

–    Security

The security protocols used in this adapter have been developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance and are meant to protect or offer a better security for WLANs. The TP-Link network adapter integrates a WPA/WPA2 encryption that provides an advanced layer of security.

–    Easy to operate

If you were worried about the sophistication that might be associated with running the device, then ease your worries. The network adapter comes with a CD that contains a 14 language utility. It is there to help you complete the software installation and wireless network settings including the security configuration and setting up the wireless connection. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice or a pro. Everyone can use this device.

The Review


8.7 Score

"TP-Link WN725N USB adapter will leave you amazed by its size. The WN725N USB adapter from TP link is not only miniature in its design, but it is also lightweight. "

The Good

  • Easy installation
  • It performed quite well at 150Mbps speed
  • Great Price

The Bad

  • Problem with Macintosh OSX


  • easy installation 90%
  • promised speed 90%
  • Cost 80%
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