Review: Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro – Great sound at a good price

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

The Chinese electronic maker Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands. It has created a favorable market in China. They have also managed to impress a lot of users around the world. From smartphones to smart gadgets, Xiaomi has proved its potential in a lot of different products. The Xiaomi makes specially designed high-end earphones which give amazing sound. The best part of these IEMs headphones or In Ear Monitors is the price is quite affordable. Now Xiaomi comes with new Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro.

The Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro was introduced in 2015. They were made available in the international market a couple at the beginning of 2016. The product is priced only at Rs. 1,399/- which is quite low for high-end products in the music related accessories.

The structure and features of the in-ear headphones pro

  • There are two drivers in the single set of Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro. The main idea behind such addition is to produce clear sound across a wider audio range. The bass and the mid tones are kept mellow in the dynamic driver. The patented armature driver produces a higher degree of perfection. Even for the faint as well as high notes in the song. The state-of-the-art structure of the ear piece makes it easy for the driver to produce steadier sound. Every little detail in the song will be clear like the breathing technique of the singer etc.
  • In order to produce superior sound in the mid and bass range, the engineers have sandwiched an aerospace-grade metal composite layer in-between two PET layers.
  • The CNC technology includes diamond cut finish with up to -0.01mm precision.
  • Fine and detailed 0.14mm grains are added to provide a textured metallic luster similar to CD discs.
  • The microphone has a 58dB (A) signal to noise ratio. It provided better voice quality and reduced the noise interference. Even if the microphone is located little away from the user’s mouth, the quality of voice will be better. The wired remote has three buttons. These buttons can be used to answer the calls, playback music and adjust the volume.
  • The Kevlar fiber cable used for in the device is strong and break resistant. The braided sleeving is helpful in preventing the tangling. The end sections of the device are covered with TPE.
  • The acoustic tuning in the product is done with the help of four-time Grammy award-winning tuner.

Best of 
Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro:

  • Well-Pronounced mid: The sound quality and the overall experience with music range are precise and perfect.
  • Remarkable clarity: The sound quality in both music and communication is amazing. The overall structure and extreme engineering used in making the device is worth praise.
  • The durability of the cable: It is very normal for the cable of a pin-ear headphone to wear off easily after regular use for some time. The company has made sure to use the best material for the cable exterior that protects it from wear and increases its life span.
  • Acoustic tuning by experts: The Company has bought some of the top most sound engineers on board to ensure that the users experience the best sound quality. The whole production involved vigorous and reparative testing.
  • Different ear bud sizes: The headphones come with three different sizes of ear buds. The in-ear headphones will perfectly fit in your ear canal.

Cons of Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro:

  • Bulky structure: If you compare the headphones with the competitors in the market, you will find that the overall structure of the device is on the bulkier side. If they try a little but more on the design, it could have better exterior.
  • Bass is not up to the mark: The price of the headphones does not justify the level of bass they provide. If someone is going to spend that much on headphones, it is obvious to expect good bass range which is missing in the headphones.
  • Lack of audio details: It is very important for a music lover to be able to listen to the every single detail of the song. When you use these headphones, you may find some of the details missing in the songs which are not considered as a good selling point.


Why should one buy it?

It is very important that the headphones you are going to use are comfortable. I should fit each and every user. The company has introduced three different sizes of the ear buds. These sizes are XS, S and L. The ear buds are made of high-quality silicone. It helps in preventing any kind of skin allergy or irritation. The ear buds sit very comfortably in the ear canal. The cold metal piece does not come in contact with the skin.

The product has to go through a series of test. This is done to ensure the quality of the product. The company has tested the product vigorously in 700 different reliability tests and enhanced the features in accordance with the results. The product has been subjected to vibration, heat, loading tests similar to real life situations, extremely high and low temperatures, tensile tolerance, material reliability, UV resistance, fit, and comfort, etc.

Bottom Line:

Xiaomi is famous for the quality products. The comfort and user experience is most of the times really great. The customer care and after sale support is remarkable. In the music industry, it is very important to produce quality products to ensure the survival of the company. When it comes to in-ear headphones, the music lovers are very choosy. They want the product to be perfect in all senses. The bass, treble, sound quality, noise cancellation, and built should be perfect. It is very important to ensure that the details in the song should be clear.

The requirements especially related to the size of ear buds are very different from person to person. The options of three different sizes help the user a lot. When you are listening to music through it, all the sounds in the room should not interfere with the song. This can only be achieved if the ear buds are a perfect fit for the ear canal.


The Review

Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro

8.3 Score

"All the features in the Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro are designed by keeping the user requirements in mind.  The affordable price makes the device even more desirable. At the price of just Rs. 1,399/- these can be considered as a good to grab."

The Good

  • Remarkable clarity
  • The durability of the cable
  • Acoustic tuning by experts
  • Comes with Different ear bud sizes

The Bad

  • Bulky structure
  • Less Bass
  • Lack of audio details


  • Design 80%
  • Quality 90%
  • Sound Clarity 80%
  • Overall Performance 80%
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