Samsung announced new gaming monitor CH711 ahead CES 2017


CES or Consumer Electronics Show is an annual event that takes place every year during the month of January in Las Vegas. The pioneers of the world of electronics use the platform to showcase the latest innovations and upcoming gadgets. Samsung has always been active during the event. As CES is a few days away, Samsung has started teasing the users with a glimpse of the upcoming devices which they can see during the CES 2017.

Samsung is going to reveal its new CH711 Quantum Dot curved monitor during the event. Seoggi Kim who is the Senior Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ Visual Display Business issued a statement. He said that the expectations of the multimedia customers are high and to match the demand and quality is it very important to keep innovating the technology. The new monitor will provide an immersive experience which playing a game or watches a video. It has a brilliant design, richer color and deeper contrast that ever before.

An amazing colorful and curved entertainment experience

The new monitor has been designed while keeping gamers in mind. The monitor is available in two variants based on the size. The first one is a 27-inch variant while the second one is a 31.5-inch. The monitor will be up for sale in early 2017. The users can have firsthand experience during CES 2017.

The monitor has 1800R curvature, and the viewing angle is 178-degree. It projects a clear image from all angles, and you will see clear image no matter in which position you are in a room. You can position the monitor horizontally or vertically based on your comfort. The monitor has WQHD resolution at 2560 x 1440 pixels. The sRGB color coverage of the monitor is nearly 125 percent. The colors appear clear and vivid at any distance.

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The monitor has very sleek design and looks perfect with any kind of décor. It has white chassis with the three-sided boundless design. The ports are well hidden in the neck which ensures clean and sleek design.

Specifically for the gamers and the designers

The monitor has vivid colors and amazing depth. Samsung has made sure to design it while keeping designers and gamers in mind. The image projected by the monitor has exact colors that you will get in print. The adjustable neck of the design makes it even more impressive.

As we are moving forward in the field of gaming and multimedia, the demand for high-end monitors is increasing every day. Gaming monitors are available in very limited number. They are not cheap either thus in case you are planning to invest; you should make sure that the monitor is perfect for your requirements. The curved design of the new Samsung monitor provides good viewing angle and vivid colors. The main competition of Samsung will be with companies like Dell, Acer, and BenQ, etc.

The company has not revealed the price and the global availability of the monitor. It will be interesting to see how quickly Samsung manages to launch the monitor across all competitive markets around the world.

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