Samsung Finally Release Report, Why the Note 7 Exploded


Who’s responsible for the battery malfunction of Galaxy Note 7 device? Samsung says that the faulty batteries are the main source of the problems users are facing. The company now discontinues the Note 7 smartphone since catching fire became a common issue with this device. They would replace the Note 7 smartphone with another one ensuring that users can use it easily. It originally came out to compete the Apple’s iPhone. And now the company reveals that the batteries messed up the entire thing. Due to this debacle, the South Korean company faced a huge loss and also reputation damage.

Samsung in a statement says concluded that batteries were found to be the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 incidents.” Koh Dong-Jin, the head of Samsung’s mobile business says, “We sincerely apologize for the discomfort and concern we have caused to our customers.”

Presently, Samsung produces about a fifth of the country’s GDP, and thus they are able to manage a good revenue from the country. The company announced a recall of 2.5 million of Galaxy Note 7 in September 2016 since several devices exploded without any reason.

What happens next?

After the phones are replaced with batteries from another firm, which is expected to be ATL, the Chinese firm, the doubts are still not cleared. So, Samsung decided to kill the entire controversy pulling off Galaxy Note 7 from the Indian market. About 1.9 million phones, which were sold in the US are in high risk now. Users are not allowed to carry this specific handset while traveling on planes. They are even kept out from the checked luggage ensuring the maximum safety.

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The firm is issuing repeated apologies, and they are coming out with the advertisements in popular newspapers like “New York Times’ admitting they have failed to keep their promises. It’s expected that in the upcoming months Samsung is coming out with their new handset Galaxy Note 8.

Detailed Investigation

Samsung started a detailed investigation where they deployed around 700 researchers and engineers to find out the cause of the problem. Battery “A” has a development issue that serves as the main reason of the problem users are facing using the new device. On the other hand, Battery “B” turns out with internal defective welds as said by Kevin White, the principal scientist at Exponent. But Koh says that there is no reason for dismissing the manufacturers.

There are around 450 suppliers, which worked producing the batteries of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Samsung reveals they have collected good lessons from this mishap and they can take care of these issues in future. After this announcement, the shares of Samsung Electronics got a hike by 0.5%at KRW 1.87 million in Seoul on Monday morning. And despite the serious issues of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 the company expects a huge fourth-quarter operating profit that would hit the market.

Apart from these facts, users are waiting to get the new S8 that would come out with smarter options in real time.

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