Samsung Increases Production of 10nm SoC’s


The chipset manufacturing market is advancing by leaps and Samsung is on its lead. Now, Samsung has also started working for the mass production of SoC (System-on-Chip). This will have a 10nm (nanometer) FinFET. technology. The FinFET technology was released last year in the month of October.

Currently, Samsung is focused on the manufacturing of the Exynos 9 Series 8895 SoC. This series is based on the FinFET technology. It is also associated with the Snapdragon 835 SoC that is based on the 10-nm (nanometer) FinFET technology.

The Korean giant, Samsung revealed that it will be producing the 10-nm SoC that will be based on the FinFET technology. The production process is on the tracks as they have to meet the high number of customer needs and requirements. Samsung revealed that the company has already shipped over 70,000 wafers made of silicon of the first-generation 10-nm Low Power Early (LPE). In addition to this, the company has also produced as many as 120,000 silicon wafers that are ready to be delivered to the customers.

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The company is not going to stop here. As per recent reports, They have already started to work on the development of the new 6nm and 8nm technologies. This move is aimed at delivering greater scalability, power advantages and performance in comparison to the previous series. However, this news is not confirmed by the company.

All of the above features are expected to be released by Samsung this year itself. The company has officially made plans to introduce and explain the same during the Foundry Forum that will be conducted by Samsung on 24th May 2017.

The dedicated customers and technical freaks have all the good reasons to look forward to this massive release by Samsung towards the mid of this year. This release and expansion by the technical giant of Korea are expected to take the company to new heights in the global market.

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