Samsung J5 follows the Note 7 legacy and burst into flames in France


The South Korean electronics maker Samsung has been under the radar since it launched Note 7. The company launched the phone quite in a hurry to make sure the phone is available in the market before iPhone 7. The whole plan backfired when the smartphones started to explode all around the world. The initial reports suggested that due to a faulty battery, the phones are exploding. It forced Samsung to recall all the units from the market and issue replacements. Some of the clients chose to stick with Samsung, yet some of them asked for a refund and moved to Apple products.

The problems were not even solved with the replacement units. They also started exploding while on charge or in some cases while the customer was using them. Samsung had to shut down the whole production completely. Now the company is working to launch Samsung S8 earlier than expected to reduce the losses. Also, Samsung is finding ways to curb the effect of discarded units on the environment.

A new model follows the trend of bursting into flames!

According to the recent reports, more Samsung products are bursting into flames as well. Recently the company has recalled around 2.5 million washing machines in the US. Now a report is suggesting that another popular entry level model by Samsung i.e. Galaxy J5 burst into flames and exploded in France.

Lamya Bouyirdane, who was the owner of that phone, was in shock while talking to the press. Lamya said she put the phone away immediately when she saw it swelling up, and smoke came out of it. She said that as soon as saw the smoke she threw the phone away and panicked. No one in the family got hurt in the incident, but everyone in her family is still in shock. She said that as soon as it exploded and caught fire, her partner extinguished it.

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It might be an isolated event

Bouyirdane said that she bought the phone in June 2016. She bought it from an online retailer from a website that was offering discounts. William Stofega is a mobile analyst at IDC. He said that the incident in the France is more likely to be an isolated incident. The model is in the market for quite some time now. They are listening about such incident with that particular model for the first time.

He also said that the problems that we see with Li-Ion batteries are not limited to cell phones only. It is similar to the laptops and other devices with Li-Ion batteries. These batteries are in the market for quite some time now. It is not easy to find a solution so that they do not get overheated. He said that there might be a small defect which goes unchecked during the screening process. It is more than enough to cause short circuit thus resulting in such incidents. It is important for the customers to keep a check on the body temperature of the device to avoid such incidents.

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