Security Boon for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge: Samsung Releases Secure Folder App


You must have heard of the “Secure Folder” in connection with Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The Secure Folder functionality has extended its reach to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones as well. One of the most important features the Secure Folder App is that it is compatible with only Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The app supports Android 7.0 Nougat or later versions. It can be downloaded from the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

The Samsung Galaxy Secure Folder app was initially launched for the model Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It has later made its way to some of the Galaxy A-series models as well. It offers optimum security to the Samsung smartphone users. The app uses the “defence-grade” Knox security platform offered by Samsung. With this innovative technology, the app creates a private encrypted space for the users. The smartphone users can use this space to store their confidential information like images, apps, and documents. During its release, Samsung had claimed that the users could use this feature of the app to store their information in the encrypted format. The private and personal content is stored in secured in the encrypted format.

Samsung claims that the apps and information that are stored in the Secure Folder have an extra layer of security and privacy. Therefore, it protects the confidential information from malicious attacks. Users can make the copies of their favorite apps. They can then access the apps with alternate profiles. Even the browsing history for the apps is secured with the Secured Folder. The history of the apps is kept separate outside the folder. This feature of the app can be useful for those who wish to safeguard their banking information. The banking details can be considered safe even when some other person handles the phone.

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It is very simple to move the content to the Secure Folder app. The users just need to choose the option “Move to Secure Folder” from the apps like Gallery, My Files, and Contacts. One can also tap “Add files” inside the Secure Folder app to add the confidential information. The Secure Folder is also secured with PIN, password, or patterns. Unauthorized access is also prevented with the use of biometric verification like fingerprint authentication. The users can also customize the Secure Folder app. They can change the name and the icon of the app as per their preference. The users can also hide the Secure Folder icon from the home screen of their smartphones. This secures all their private information.

The Secure Folder app supports cloud-based backup. This helps the users to transfer the data between phones and ensures security as the data backup is stored on Cloud. The data from the Secure Folder app can be restored only from Settings inside the app. This has access only to the original Samsung account users. Samsung has said it plans to extend the services of Secure Folder to other versions of the smartphones as well.

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