Snapdeal launched [email protected] service in Gurugram and Bengaluru


After the demonetization drive, the biggest challenge for any person is to get hands on cash. It is really getting frustrated for most of the people who want some cash in hand and have to stand in long queues. However, the length of the queues has shortened in the last few days; there is still waiting for 10 to 15 people at any time at most of the ATMs.

To take little advantage of the situation, Snapdeal has come up with an innovative idea to deliver cash to its customers. The service is available in some parts of Gurugram and Bengaluru at the moment. We are calling this innovative because unlike other providers like TailMill and Grofers, you do not have to order anything from Snapdeal to get cash.

Easy to avail service

The process is pretty simple. First, you need to install the Snapdeal app on your mobile. Whenever cash is available at your location, Snapdeal will send you a push notification. In case you want to avail [email protected] service, you can place an order in the app. You will need to pay Re.1 convenience charges via FreeCharge or Debit card. The next day, the delivery boy from Snapdeal will come to your place with a PoS machine. You can swipe your card and get up to Rs.2000/- from him.

There are a lot of benefits for the company as well. First of all, as the offer is only available on the mobile app, the user has to install the app. Secondly, the notification about the cash availability will come via app only that means the user have to keep the app in mobile for a longer period of time. This will increase the user base for Snapdeal, and if a company is providing such services in the time of distress, you will definitely want to buy some products from the website as well.

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No, Snapdeal is not taking money out of the bank!

Snapdeal has not joined hands with anyone for the cash. They are circulating the cash they got from CoD orders. In this way, Snapdeal is getting rid of the cash in hand and turning it to digital money without any need to deposit large amounts in the bank every week.

Rohit Bansal who is the co-founder of Snapdeal issued a statement over [email protected] service. He said that Snapdeal is providing this service as a goodwill gesture. As the country is moving towards a digitally enabled economy, it is important to have a smoother transition. Snapdeal has extended the FreeCharge partnerships to help to smoothen the transition.

When an economy is going through such big transitions, it is very important to keep the things smooth. Otherwise, unnecessary panic may create problems for the government, banks, and law enforcement agencies. Cash deliveries at home can provide a relief to those customers who are not able to stand in the queue for a longer period of time. This service will also come in handy for housewives and elderly people who need some cash and cannot afford to stand in lines.

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