Social networking platforms now working together to curb Terrorism


We have seen an increase in the use of social networking websites in our daily life. The vulnerability of people is bound to get exploited on these platforms. It is true that these social networking websites have brought the world closer. But, it is obvious that anti-social elements will find a way out to exploit it. It is happening with all the major companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Microsoft.

The terrorist organizations have found their ways on these platforms. They use the secure methods on these platforms to talk to their followers. Also, these platforms are a common medium of international recruitment. These companies have faced a lot of criticism in the past because of such activities by the users. In the first two-quarters of 2016 Twitter acted upon such accounts. The company has removed thousands of accounts involved in anti-social activities. Also, these companies are increasing security on their websites to ensure users’ safety.

What’s new with the platforms?

In step further, these companies are now working together to fight the terrorism. Facebook, Google’s YouTube, Microsoft and Twitter are now building a common database. It will help to pick the derogatory content from the websites. They have issued a joined statement in a blog post about this database. In the blog post, they mentioned that the database would flag the content related to terrorism. It will not remove the content, though. Once flagged, to the monitoring administrators of each company will get the information. They will check the content and decide if it complies with the terms and conditions of the website or not.

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The joint statement

In the blog post, it was also mentioned that there is no space for terrorism in this world. They said that they would collaborate to curb any anti-social activity in future as well. They are also concerned about the privacy of the users as well. The statement made it clear that no personal information of the users will get out. The efforts are in progress only to flag content and check it.

Previous similar attempts

This is not the first time when these companies have joined forces to act against such elements. Around a year back, they came together to remove the child pornography. It was an important move as such incidents were increasing at an alarming rate.

Social networks have faced a lot of criticism over the past. The main reason was their inability to remove the unethical content from their platforms. The steps these companies are now taking will improve their social image as well.

Young children and teens are active on these websites. It is next to impossible for all the parents and guardians to keep them away from getting exploited. Such steps may not completely remove the terrorists. But it will decrease their number for sure.

These platforms are earning a lot via users. It is their social responsibility to make the platforms a safer place. In the long run, their moves will increase or decrease the faith that users have on them.

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