Sony to Release PS4 Update 4.50 with Bunch of New Features


After a number of leaks, Sony has the confirmed the date for a release of the PS4 update 4.50 – 9th March. Along with the release, the users can expect the launch of several new features that were not announced before. Some of this include Boost Mode for PS4 Pro only and better 2D visuals for PS VR.

The frame rates for the games are programmed to run at 30fps or 60fps. There would be shorter loading times as well. Some of the additional features that you can expect from the recent update 4.50 include:

  • External HDD: You can store and download PS4 apps and games in an external HDD. You can insert your USB 3.0 HDD into the console. Then, you can select ‘USB storage devices’ from ‘Devices’ to format it. Now, it is ready to be used. 
  • Customized Profile Color and Wallpaper: Now with the recent update, you can have a personalized home screen. From the ‘Theme’ you can choose ‘Custom’ and select screenshot as your wallpaper. In the same manner, you can also customize your profile color.
  • Voice Chat for Remote Play: You can now use voice chat with the help of remote play on your Windows PC, Mac or even your Xperia device. There is a mic that can be turned on and off with the help of the microphone.
  • Off-Console Availability: You can also enjoy a myriad of off-console apps and features. You can communicate with other gamers quite easily like the PS Messages and the PlayStation Apps.
  • Share Your Activity: With the update, you can even share the events from the Activity Feed. You can also create custom stories with the help of screenshots, texts, game tags, and player. 
  • Privacy of Activity Feed: You can change the privacy settings in your Activity Feed for individual posts. You can select you can see your activities with the help of the “Sharing” tag.
  • Save Data Shortcut: You can even save data with the option ‘Upload/Download Saved Data’ under the Options button.
  • Transfer Data: Another feature offered is that you can move your chosen screenshot or video from Caption Gallery to SHAREfactory. Then you can even edit them.
  • GIF Support: With the recent update, the users can also share fun GIFs from SHAREfactory to the Activity Feeds.
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So if you have been planning to buy PS4, then there could be several exciting features awaiting you.

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