Startup Company 3D printed a Complete house in Just 24 hours


Everyone in this world wants to make a dream home. People work hard day and night tirelessly to get this done. Now, you do not need to worry about building your own home.  A San Francisco-based 3D print brings the new idea to build your own small home in just 24hrs. Yes, it is true, and the company has proved this as well. The company named Apis Cor has developed a fast and low-cost method for construction. Now you can print the walls for a small size room within one day. If you want to move fast and not able to get the house, this 3d printing will help you in the near future.

People might not believe on this as it takes the time to build concrete walls.  It’s not day dreaming. Apis Cor recently lay down the concrete walls using its massive 3D- printer. The company has made a test home of 400 – Square – feet at a site in Russia. The mobile 3D- Printing machine looks more like a small crane size. The machine does not give a look of conventional printer due to its big size. It spits out layer upon layer of the concrete mix.

As per reports, these walls can last for 175 years. This means the company did not compromise with quality construction. You will get same strength as in human-made walls. Once the printing work is over, a group of people starts another task. They begin working on installing insulation, windows, appliances, and a roof.

The news that coming out did not give a clear idea. It didn’t provide better clarity whether the finished house was ready in 24 hrs. Or just wall was printed. The company has reported that it can build and complete a small size home for a cost $10,000. The company’s blog describes that windows and doors were by far the expensive parts. This supports the fact that construction cost is not expensive.

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The company prints the walls only as of now. Workers still had to install other parts like the roof, window, plumbing, wiring, cabinets, etc.  But the cost comes down considerably. You have to pay more if you will use skilled worker rather than a machine to prepare the walls. This idea might be alarming for many builders. Their business profit may slow down in coming days. The machine can do the task at the reasonable cost. Further, the robot will reduce the margin of error.

These small size house will help to fulfill the various purpose in the near future. Now you can quickly build the house for those affected by natural disaster or People who are looking to relocate but cannot get their house instantly. Nowadays housing crisis is prominent. Such methods will surely help to overcome such problems. Now you need not wait for longer time to get your home in future.

The company is now focusing on growth. It is marketing its new 3D –printer to commercial companies. The company states that printer can replace a team of workers and will save time and cost without loss of quality.

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