The ‘Super Smart’ manager of Foxconn stole 5700 iPhones worth $1.5 million


2016 has been a tough year for many mobile manufacturers. Samsung’s Note 7 caused way too much damage to the company financially as well as socially. Apple, on the other hand, got its hands unwillingly tied up in criminal cases many times. The San Bernardino shooting case put Apple on FBIs radar as law enforcement agencies struggled to unlock the iPhone of the terrorist. More cases involved Apple directly or indirectly.

The case of 5700 stolen iPhones at Foxconn

Almost every Apple fanboy knows that the Taiwanese company Foxconn makes iPhones for Apple. For a manufacturer, it is very common to have tens of thousands of smartphones lying around in the manufacturing unit. One ‘super intelligent’ manager who goes by the name Tsai found an interesting opportunity in this. He instructed eight employees to smuggle iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S handsets out of the company premises.

The first thought that comes to the mind is that how come he was not caught before he could smuggle as many as 5700 iPhones without getting noticed? Well, this ‘smart’ man worked at the testing area of the unit. All the iPhones which were under his supervision were only meant for testing. No one noticed they are missing until recently.

You may think that he may not have made a lot of money out of the con but the phones which he sold in the stores as a real deal made more than $1.5 million for him which is a huge amount. The company finally discovered what he has been doing, and he has now been charged with breach of trust. He may face a jail time of up to 10 years if found guilty.

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Stealing is common practice!

Everyone takes advantage of the office supplies in the form of pens, paperclips, tapes, notepads and what not. But committing a crime at this scale is not worth anything. Employees think that small pity thefts in the company go unnoticed but most of the times management just overlook a good employee’s mischievous behavior of picking small stationary items from the office. However, if someone tries to con its employer with such a huge amount, s/he is bound to get caught and face serious charges.

In the past, a lot of different techs companies have faced issued with the employees and often have to put additional security measures to tackle the situation. However, the theft at such scale which Foxconn faced raises serious concerns about the security of the premises. It is a common practice for the companies to improve the security after such incidents and Foxconn have to work on this if it wants to keep Apple as its client.

The loss of 5700+ test phones might not hurt the overall revenue base of the company, but in the long run, it will be difficult for Apple to trust Foxconn completely. Also, the administration of the company will look every employee with suspicion for a very long time. Hopefully, this will not bring more trouble for the company in the near future.

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