TRAI suggested to impose penalty of Rs.3050 cr on Idea, Airtel and Vodafone


Since the official launch of Reliance jio services, the major issue that the company is claiming to face is inter-connectivity between Jio network and other telecom companies. In less than two months, Reliance wrote to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) several times to ask telecom giants like Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea to provide sufficient interconnection points. All three companies kept on denying the claims made by Jio after which Reliance made the call drop information publicly. It was shown in the information provided by Jio that as much as 70% of the calls made from Jio to Airtel were dropped due to congestion in the network.

Steps were taken by telecom companies

Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone said in different statements that they are working their level best with Jio to resolve the issue. During the process, news popped up that Reliance has paid Rs.2000 cr to Airtel for additional interconnection points. However, Vodafone blamed Reliance for the delay in resolving the issue and said that the information that Jio provided about the requirement was not correct. The wrong information was the main cause of the delay. The idea more or kept quiet on the issue and only said that it is working to resolve the problem.

Persistent call drop issues

All the three companies are claiming that the sufficient inter-connectivity points are now available with Reliance Jio. Still, Jio made another complaint to TRAI. Based on the reports submitted by the company, most of the calls made to all the telecom companies’ networks were either not getting connected or getting dropped.

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Action by TRAI

TRAI has now submitted a report to Department of Telecommunications (DoT). TRAI said that all three telecom companies should pay a fine for not complying with the rules. As per the rules, only 5 out 1000 calls should drop. In the case of Jio vs. other telecom companies, the number of calls dropped is much higher.

The penalty

Generally, as per rules, TRAI can revoke the license of all three companies over the problems customers are facing. However, TRAI said that canceling the license will only create more problems for millions of customers. Instead, the companies should pay heavy fines based on the circles they operate in. Airtel and Vodafone should pay 1050 cr each and Idea should pay 950 cr as penalties.

TRAI has issued a show cause notice to all three companies and has given time for 10 days to reply. If the companies fail to submit their replies within the given time period, DoT may take further action.

The telecom companies said the show cause notice issued by TRAI is a premature action. There are rules on inter-connectivity points when the new company enters the market. The telecom companies have a time period of 90 days to resolve the problems. However, in this case, TRAI only waited for 40 days before issuing a notice. The telecom companies are also blaming Jio for launching services without getting fully prepared for the heavy traffic.

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