Trump Immigration Ban: Thousands of Google Employees in protests


On Monday, January 30, in Mountain View, Googlers stand up against USA President Donald Trump’s decision. On Last Friday Donald Trump had announced the ban on refugees and immigrants from seven Muslim countries. The leaders from major corporates houses have objected this move. Donald Trump is the 45th president of United States of America. He has taken oath on January 20 as a President of America. Trump is the successors of most successful President Barack Obama. He has defeated Hillary Clinton in the election. Trump is the first billionaire president of United States. He is realizing his election agenda. Now people who have voted and supported Trump are feeling sad.

On Monday thousands of Google employees walked out from their desk for 45-minute to protest. This rally was to remove the ban on refugees and immigrants. People start gathering with Chant of “No Ban”, No Wall. No matter to whom they vote for whether Republic or Democratic Party. All people gathered in Mountain View in California and outraged the Trump’s decision.

This rally was joined by Google CEO Sundar Pichai and CO-founder Sergey Brin.They have shown strong protest against this and asked to take this law back. Around 187 Google employees are affected by this law and order. Google had taken immediate action to move these people safely. Google has assured their employees to provide all logistical support and help.

This move has given a ringing tension between the technology industry and America’s new administration. Almost all companies across the globe had criticized this law and order. This event was organized by Google and supported by thousands of employees from the different organization. Google Co-founder addressed their employees and given an overview of the laws. Participants across the world are using Google Unite to share views and thoughts along with photos of the protest. People has condemned this order racist and unconstitutional.

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Soufi Esmaeilzadeh, a product manager on Google Assistant, shared her experience on learning on immigration order. She was on business trip to Switzerland when she comes to know about this. Google officials asked her to stay in abroad. She is a green card holder in the US. She told that she was not clear how this ban would affect her. This disruption came at a very delicate time for Google workers.

Google CEO and Co-founder both are immigrants. Sundar Pichai is an India Immigrants while Sergey Brin himself came from Russia. CEO has addressed the crowd and told the people “Fight will continue”. The Google and its workers have raised more than $4 million for this crisis. This money will help to support immigrants and refugees rights.

Google CEO addressed the people. There is a lot of works which is undone, but it’s important that we stay here and achieve the outcome. It’s very important that reach out and communicate to people from across the country. He assured the workers that fight will continue against this move.

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