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Twitter has been adding new tools and features to the website as well as on the apps for quite some times now. It has increased security features and removed a lot of accounts which are shading the good image of the micro-blogging site. Now Twitter has started adding features inspired by other apps as well.

Snapchat is making almost every other social media network envy with the immense amount of popularity it is getting, has a QR code based search tool to add users. It does make sense on the platform as it is quite of annoying to find the right person on Snapchat. However, Twitter has a simple and straightforward method of finding people, and it is quite easy to find celebrities, friends, and family on Twitter. Still, the company has decided to add the QR code support.

How to find the option?

The QR code support is now available for Android and iOS based smartphones. On the Android-based phone, if you want to search someone on Twitter using the QR code provided, you need to go to the search option from the menu on the left side of the app. There is an option to scan QR code which will allow you to scan the code from the phone’s camera. You can check your own QR code by clicking on “My QR code” option and save it to share further.

On iOS, you will see your QR code first in the options. You need first to go to Profile and click on settings. Then click on the QR code option. There you will find a QR code scanner option. Click on it, and it will activate the phone camera so that you can scan the code.

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Can QR code make much difference?

In both the platforms, the users can scan the code from camera roll pictures as well. The option that Twitter now provides to search users looks unnecessary at first glance, and we have also mentioned that it is quite easy to find users on Twitter. However, some users and even celebrities use unique handles which are not easy to remember for anyone.

QR codes will also come in handy as they can be printed on company’s letterheads and other advertisement material. These codes will allow users to reach the official’s profiles skipping the entire troll or parody accounts which people often set up to make fun. In a lot of cases, these parody accounts to gain a lot of popularity. People get confused between real and fake due to fewer differences between the handles.

The new option can be seen as a step to make it easy for the users to promote profiles. It will be interesting to see how much time will it take to get used to the new feature. Also, if this option will really be beneficiary for the users in the long run or not. The company has to keep updating the website and the apps so that users do not get bored with it.

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