Twitter To Fortify Its Campaign Against Hate And Abuse


Online hate speech, abuse, harassment, etc. are very common these days on social media platform which has compelled many to close their accounts ultimately. But the social media companies are now adopting various steps to eliminate these kinds of issues. One of the big social media platforms Twitter has intensified their campaign in this context. They have announced on Tuesday that they are broadening the campaign against hate, abuse, and online hate speech. This campaign intends to protect their users by adding numerous new features on Twitter.

This is not the first time Twitter is starting a campaign to eradicate hate speech. The social media site was founded a decade ago and went through various criticisms for being unable to address the hate and abuse kind of issues. They have been under fire as well for the same thing. However, things have been changed a lot with time, and Twitter became enough stronger to identify these issues.

In order to implement their recent campaign, the company has already started identifying the banned people for their abusive behaviors. And then those banned people will be restricted from creating the new account on Twitter. This campaign will also accompany several changes on the site. The changes will be probably implemented in the coming week.

The changes are as follows:

  • A safe search feature will be added on Twitter that will eliminate tweets with potentially sensitive content.
  • This feature will also repress tweets from the muted and blocked accounts for the better reason.
  • These kinds of tweets will not be visible in the general search result. However, those will still exist and will be available if people look out for them on Twitter.
  • The potentially abusive and harassing replies will be signaled out and collapsed to ensure the relevant replies are surfaced on the site.
  • However, those replies will be less visible but will be available to them who seeks out for it.
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When these features will be implemented, it will no doubt be highly helpful to keep users as protected as possible.

Twitter is now very active in this context and doing their best to eliminate the online abuse and hate speech. Twitter has already banned provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos, the editor of the right-wing news site Breitbart News in the last July. This person was involved in provoking abuse, harassment and hate speech of individuals. And not just this one account rather numerous accounts have been suspended by the company in the past for reasons like anti-feminism, white nationalism, xenophobia, racism, etc.

The company again went on to say that they have suspended around 3,60,000 accounts for violating their policies regarding promotion of terrorism and violation of extremism. However, the current campaign is not at all related to the above, and this is completely focused on abusive behavior and harassment.

Twitter is not the one and only company rather many more companies are following the same footstep to eradicate abuse and hate speech. Reddit is one such company that barred a forum for white nationalist on last Wednesday from its social news website.

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