Twitter may bring Tweet editing feature like Facebook


Back in 2013, Facebook introduced a feature which allows the users to edit the post after it is published. This feature was applauded and exploited by many in the last three years. Facebook also allows you to edit the comments as well. The only way to know if there is any change in a particular post is by looking at the post history from the drop menu next to the post title. If you are unaware of the edit, some of the comments might not make any sense to you. Anyway, overall the feature is loved by most of the users. Now, another social media giant Twitter has hinted that it may come up with a similar feature in coming future.

CEO is in favor of the feature

Jack Dorsey who is the chief executive officer of Twitter said in his statement that tweet editing feature is definitely needed. It is a fact that Dorsey is aware of the need of such feature but he was unsure in his statement if it can be done in the near future.

Implementing such feature on a microblogging website like Twitter can become one of the most exploited features of all time. If the company fails to implement it properly, users around the world can make a lot of chaos with it. Imagine someone posted a quote from a famous personality and requested people to RT it. Once he or she gets 1000+ RT, s/he edits the tweet to some extremist propaganda. All the RTs will get changed with it. Twitter is aware of such consequences thus there is a delay in introducing such feature.

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A lot has to be considered before implementing it

Dorsey said that such feature will come in handy mostly to edit some mistakes done during posting the tweet. Beyond some quick fixes, a history of edits has to be available with the tweet. This will put an extra burden on the servers as well. There were suggestions to make the feature available for verified users only. Dorsey replied to the suggestion that if the feature is made available, it will be available for everyone.

Even though the CEO is in favor of the feature, there is no guarantee that the company will introduce the feature in the near future. It is a hectic job to maintain an editing feature in such active social network. Every post on Twitter is public until the user makes it private. A small change in the re-tweeted post can change the whole meaning of the post in no time.

If you think that the feature cannot be exploited, then you are wrong. There are some users who add a website address or some inappropriate image once a post gets a lot of comments and shares on Facebook. Still, the feature can be helpful for a lot of users who realize a grammatical or spelling error after making the post. As of now on Twitter, in case you make a minor mistake, you have to delete the post and tweet again. It not only consumes time but also makes the whole process a little irritating.

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