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The micro-messaging social network site Twitter is gaining popularity every day. It has become a primary source of information sharing in the past couple of years. The potential of the website has made it popular among TV channels, news agencies, record companies, big corporate companies and celebrities as well. Unfortunately, all that popularity has not made it easy for Twitter in terms of revenue. The advertisement options on Twitter are not sufficient to run a website that is visited by millions of users every day. So much so, the company has decided to shut down one of its very famous acquisitions Vine in next couple of months.

A new approach for revenue generation

Twitter Inc. is now researching on other resources from where it can generate more income. Twitter has introduced a lot of features in last few months. It looks like Twitter is planning to serve as a one-stop customer solution platform. Guilherme Ribenboim who is the most senior executive in Latin America office told that it is serving as the testing ground for new strategies.

According to him, the new updates that will be launched in this week. These features will give business houses more options to automate customer services through the direct Twitter message. This will move the micro-messaging site to a whole new level where is not just a method of communication.

Twitter has already started to provide consulting and other services for the corporate partners in Brazil. Ribenboim said in his statement that Latin America is one of the fastest growing regions in the world. The critical mass of users and resources is available in the region. The new model is under testing phase, and it will be a part of the plans for 2017.

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The system has already kicked in as Beta

The Brazilian airline Gol Linhas Aereas SA has already developed a system for the flyers. Now they can check-in for the flights using direct Twitter message. Ribenboim also said that the new tools for the customer service would serve with recent partnerships and acquisitions. They will all play a vital role in differentiating the Twitter’s stand in the increasingly competitive digital ad market.

The new approach to marketing is one of the many ways Twitter is trying to increase the revenue. There has been fall in monthly active users which is also a big problem. Around a year ago, the advertisement sales made up for the 90 percent revenue. This year it has fallen to 88 percent.

Twitter has also introduced a lot of features in last few months. Those features are to control the overwhelming presence of trolls and abusive accounts. The extremists are also using the platform which is also a big worry for the company. Twitter has a large team dedicated to checking and suspend reported accounts manually.

Over the past couple of years, the rumors about the sale of Twitter came up repeatedly. Some of the potential buyers were the tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and some others. All the rumors went cold with time.

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