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Over the past few years, Vine has become a part of professional and amateur vloggers (video bloggers). The app is owned by Twitter, and in order to cut down the cost, the company had decided to shut down the app. In a statement issued in October, the company said that Vine app would soon become non-functional. However, the content that users have posted on Vine over the past years will remain online on The app has introduced many Internet stars to the world. Thomas Sanders, Logan Paul, Nash Grier and Brittany Furlan are among top 30 Vine celebrities.

No, it is not shutting down completely

There were also some reports that Twitter may sell Vine all together but with a recent announcement; the company had made it clear that they are not selling it. Twitter has announced in a recent statement that Vine will be converted into a pared-down camera app. The user will be able to record the 6-second video and put it on Twitter or keep it on the cell phone. The conversion will take place in the month of January 2017.

The company also announced that those who want to move their followers to Twitter would have an option soon that will help in the transition. Twitter has also announced in one of the previous statements that the owner of the Vine account can save all the videos in one go via mobile app or the website.

Other websites also jumped in to help users

Media sharing site Giphy also offered service to transfer the vines one by one or collectively. The files, in that case, will be shareable in the form of GIF animations in the beginning but the video and audio will remain with Giphy.

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Shutting down a popular application can be hard for a company life twitter. The main issue is that Vine does not bring any revenue for Twitter. Also, Twitter is struggling with the low revenue. In the past couple of years, Twitter has made several attempts to sell out, but every time it failed miserably in finding a suitable buyer.

As the time passing by, we are getting more technologically attached to the world. Video sharing apps like Vine makes it easy to have a conversation with other via videos. Users can show an immense amount of talent in smaller videos. Most of the users over the internet avoid watching long videos. Thus they often use Vine for checking out the posts by the users they follow.

There are a number of other apps which has a good user base, but the revenue is considerably low. We, as a user does not understand how complicated it is to run a free-to-use service. The cost of the administrator or the site owner does not go down by giving anything for free.

Twitter’s decreasing revenue has played a huge role in the closure of the Vine app. In next few months, Twitter has to come up with the solid plan. It has to either to sell some company share or to generate more revenue from the website. In case it fails, it will be heartbreaking to see a loved website being shut down due to low revenues.

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