Vodafone launches SuperHour pack for prepaid customers


The Telecom price war has bought new perk by Vodafone – The SuperHour

In the rise of a price war in all telecom sectors, the companies are now trying to lure customers with a price tag less than Rs.20/- for 4G internet and voice calls. It all started when Jio was officially launched in September 2016. All the telecom companies came on the back foot for a couple of days before they could hit back. After all the planning and much thought, a number of different plans were launched to counter every single offer made by Reliance Jio. From price cut in 4G services to unlimited free voice calling, we are, once again watching the Telecom companies having a tough fight because of Reliance.

Vodafone – one of the largest telecom companies in India

Vodafone entered Indian telecom market after taking over already existing telecom company and took the market by storm. The company is now the second largest telecom company in India. With huge user base, it is important for Vodafone to retain the customers from moving out while adding new customers. The company has introduced both low-cost data plans and free voice calling across the nation in the last one month. Now, the company is targeting those customers who need the internet for a limited period of time during the day or even a week and do not want to spend too much on data as well.

Vodafone launched SuperHour at nominal price

The new pack dubbed as SuperHour has different aspects to it. First of all, for the data users, the pack starts from Rs.5 for 2G and Rs.16 for 3G and 4G users. When a user recharges his/her number with this pack, s/he can download any content for one hour without any restrictions. The pack has no cap that means the user can make every hour a SuperHour at a nominal fee.

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The second part of this offer is for the voice call users. There are several occasions when the user has to make a long duration call, but it may be a one in a blue moon instance. That means s/he does not need free voice calling for whole 28 days and thus do not want to spend Rs.144+ on the packs from offered by the telecom company. In that case, the user can simply recharge his/her number with Rs.7 and enjoy one hour of free calling on Vodafone network. At the moment, the free voice call to other circles is not available in this pack.

The pack is not available for everyone

The price of the packs may vary from circle to circle. The company has advised the users to check the Vodafone website or with the retail shop nearby. The pack is available for all the circles across nation except Bihar-Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh-Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Andhra Pradesh-Telangana. The unlimited data plan for one hour will also include unlimited video and movie playback from Vodafone Play. The subscription to Vodafone Play is free till 31st March 2017 that means if any Vodafone subscriber uses the services, s/he only has to pay for the data and not for the content.

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