WD launched new series of SSD drives


Western Digital Corporation is an American company that mainly deals in computer data storage devices. It has established its roots around the globe and famous for its quality and durability. The company was founded in 1970 and has its headquarters in Irvine, California. Earlier in 2016, WD acquired SanDisk which is one of the leading brands in Solid-State storage products.

The company has launched a whole new series of SSD drives. These new drives are derived from SanDisk’s portfolio and use the same 15nm planar TLC NAND technology that SanDisk uses in its products. These drives are not the first attempt by WD to manufacture SSD devices, but in terms and technology and design, WD has made a big change for sure.

Why SSD?

The desktop computer users are shifting from HDD to SSD while buying a new machine or upgrading the existing one. The main reason behind this shift is the data security and durability. SSD devices do not make any noise, are much secure and do not wear off easily.

What’s new?

For the desktop

WD has introduced two different lines of products for these users. The WD Green models are meant for the entry-level, low budget computers. They consume much lesser power and are cheaper. The WD Blue products are high-end desktop memory units. These are more suitable for demanding users.

There are two versions of both the devices. The first one is the standard 2.5-inch SATA drive and the second one is M.2 format cards. The M.2 format cards also use SATA instead of PCIe as connectivity port. This confines the speed to mainstream SDD class.

WD Green SSDs are available in two memory variants. The first one is 120 GB that can give up to 540 MBps of data transfer speed and have a life cycle of 40TBW. The second version is 240 GB that can give up to 405 MBps data transfer speed and have a life cycle of 80 TBW.

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WD Blue SSDs is available in three different memory capacity variants. All three drives offer up to 545 MBps reading and 525 MBps writing speed. The endurance range of the drives depends on the capacity and range between 100TBW to 400TBW. The price of WD Blue SSDs varies from USD 79 for 250 GB model to USD 299 for 1 TB model.

The external drives

The company has also launched 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch external SSD drives. These models are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. The drives come with an out-of-the-box external design that was developed in collaboration with fuseproject which is an external design and branding firm. As per the company, the new design will find its way in the physical and digital life of the users.

The new My Passport drives are available in six different colors for Windows and one color for Mac. The drives have textured exterior on half of the drive while the rest of it is plain. The USB 3.0 compatible drives are available in 1 TB to 4 TB variants. The price varies from USD 79.99 for 1 TB to USD 139.99 for 4 TB.

The My Book drives are available in capacities between 3 TB and 8 TB. These are compatible with Windows 7 and above along with macOS Mavericks and above. It uses exFAT file system by default. These drives require external power and are compatible with Apple’s Time Machine backup protocol along with WD encryption and backup software. The price varies from USD 129.99 for 3 TB to USD 249.99 for 8 TB drive.




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