WhatsApp is bringing more new Features like Revoke sent messages!


Since WhatsApp got acquired by Facebook, the number of improvements that the messaging app has got is just astonishing. Video call, voice call, more sharing options, end-to-end encryption and many more options have been introduced in the app. WhatsApp has the widest penetration in all available mobile OS. In order to provide more options, the company has announced some new feature which may look really interesting to many users.

iPhone will get it first

WhatsApp has hinted that there will be a new feature coming soon to iPhone. With the new update, the users will be able to revoke or delete the recently sent message on WhatsApp. At present, even if the user deletes the message from his/her phone, it still remains visible to the receiver. The new system is more like to work until the recipient receives the message or in other words before the double tick appears on the app. The feature may reach Android phones a little later than iPhone.

There is one more tipped feature that is coming soon for the App. As of now, you cannot open or check the archived folders with-in the app. Any Zip or RAR file will require additional software to extract. The new update will allow the user to view the archived files as well.

The improvements are in progress

Earlier in December 2016, the app has already added a few new features. Now users can play the video while it is being downloaded. Also, the animated GIF support is available for all users. Before the official announcement, the features were only available for the beta users.

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WhatsApp, being the free messaging app without any ads or hidden charges, has been the most popular app till date. The users for the application are from around the world, and it has made it extremely easy to pass on the message within a matter of seconds. The application has completely changed the texting-to-calling ratio in the last few years.

There is a negative side too

It is true that the popularity of the apps come with a price. The messaging app has its fair share of hoaxes. A number of fake apps got circulated over the past few years as well. The hackers and spammers often find their way in the application and try to steal personal information from the phone. In 2016 itself, the “WhatsApp Gold” caught the eyes of many users, and they became prey for the fake app.

Unfortunately, WhatsApp also served to spread hate among users. The company cannot control every user, and it is hard to track every activity of the users. These minor vulnerabilities have got some negative fame to the application as well. The recent announcement that WhatsApp will share user information with Facebook also invited a lot of criticism around the world.

Despite all the negatives that the application has got, the positive impact of the application on the life of the users cannot be denied. The efforts that Facebook is making to increase the usability of the application is appreciable, and the new features will definitely bring joy for those who accidently send a message to the wrong person and regret the action.

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