WhatsApp Releases New Feature: Two-Step Verification


WhatsApp has taken a step forward in terms of security. The instant messaging application will be rolling out support for two-step verification to all its users. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, and Google have already implemented the two-step verification process for security purposes.

The end-to-end encryption introduced by WhatsApp last year was also one of the security measures given to the users by them. Once the new security system is enabled, it will guarantee a more protected activation of the application on any new device. The company has long been working on this feature and had rolled it out last year in November to the beta testers. WhatsApp has now made the feature available to all its users starting today!

WhatsApp said that once the two-step verification system is enabled, any device on which WhatsApp is being installed would require a six-digit passcode created by the user. The following steps can be followed to enable the WhatsApp two-step authentication.

  • Open WhatsApp application
  • Go to Settings on the right had upper side
  • Now go to Account
  • Locate the Two-Step Verification
  • Click to Enable
  • Enter the desired six digit passcode on the screen
  • You will get a prompt to re-enter the six-digit passcode
  • Next, add your email address on the screen(optional)

While entering the e-mail address is an optional feature, it is a useful one if you would like to disable the two-step verification feature in the future. The e-mail address will be connected to your WhatsApp account, and if you decide to disable the additional verification, WhatsApp will be sending a link to your email address. You simply need to open the link and complete the process of disabling this feature.

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Since WhatsApp will be asking you the six-digit passcode time and again to ensure that your account is secure, forgetting the passcode can put you into a problem when it comes to using the app. If you do not prefer entering the passcode periodically, you can disable he feature.

If you happen to forget the six digit passcode then also you can disable the feature and use your WhatsApp service as usual. Users who end up forgetting the six digit passcode when WhatsApp asks them to verify the account will not be able to re-verify the account for the next seven days.

And after seven days, when you will be able to verify the account you will end up losing all your pending messages on WhatsApp. If you re-verify your account after 30 days of last using WhatsApp, then you will end up losing your old account, and a new one will be created for you.

While the two-step verification system has been implemented by a number of other apps and services, at this time, WhatsApp’s two-step verification seems more complicated than what we have ideally come across. Are you ready for the new changes that WhatsApp is bringing to its verification process? You may want to be careful when it comes to the passcode and remembering it so that you do not lose important messages on your WhatsApp account.

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