WhatsApp rolling out Two-Factor Authentication for better security


WhatsApp has been one of the most important messaging apps for quite some time now. The services are free, and the features are better than most of the messaging apps. That made the app popular in a period of short time. Still, the Two Factor Authentication system was missing as a security measure.

The present issue of the security

Nowadays, it is easy for the hackers to clone your phone. If they are able to clone the phone, they can install WhatsApp with your number and read the private chats. For celebrities and famous personalities it can be a big blow to security. Even for general users, such security breach can put a black mark on the reputation for the whole life.

The new Two-Factor Authentication

Users often raise demand for the addition security features. But there was no official work from Facebook or WhatsApp team. The Android Police that keeps an eye on the Android related updates. They told that the latest Beta version has the Two Factor Authentication system.

The working mechanism is simple. The App will ask you to enter a 6-digit authentication code of your choice. If you install the App on the different mobile phone with the same number, it will ask for the code. This might look inconvenient to some users, but the feature will add a major security option in the App.

How will it save the user?

In case anyone tries to install the App on the cloned phone, it will ask the code. It will bar the hacker from checking the private messages. You can enable the option from Settings Menu. The company may roll the new feature in the next update of the App. As of now, it is only available in the Beta version. Those who are using Windows Beta version of WhatsApp also informed about the new update.

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In the past, there was a lot of buzz about his feature for WhatsApp. Some tech experts even said that they are sure that the company is working on the feature and it will come soon. Facebook bought WhatsApp some time back and promised the users that it would stay free and ad-free. But, recently they decided to use the user data for Facebook’s gains. Some users challenged the move in courts as well.

Despite the hiccups, the application is still loved by 100s of 1000s of users. The company now allows people to have voice chat on the application and send documents as well. Before that, the user could read only media files. The upcoming versions of the App may bring more features so that the user experience can get even better.

The application is still completely ad free which makes it one of the most loved app. We can only hope that Facebook will not try to make it an application with ads. Applications like Skype, Facebook Messenger, etc. have same features like WhatsApp. But they are not able to crack the popularity of the App.

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