WhatsApp: Time to Test a Business Feature in the Biggest Indian Market


There are high chances that WhatsApp might be operating on a business feature in its biggest market. This feature might be aimed at the small enterprises. As per reports, it might soon start in India.

To promote the same, WhatsApp has even created an app. This is known as “WhatsApp for Business”. This app will help the business organizations with a small functioning area. Those enterprises with less than 10 employees can manage their clients in a better manner with the help of this app. This can also be regarded as the first step to monetization by WhatsApp. It has happened after 8 years of its ad-free and subscription-free working.

This news has been released just after one major decision by WhatsApp. It has recently hired its first COO, Matt Idema. The main role of the COO was to monetize the messaging platform. This comes 3 years after $22 billion acquisition by Facebook.

The new business features by WhatsApp will sport several factors. The feature is currently under designing and testing phase. Once WhatsApp makes its first attempt in India, it will then move to different areas as well.

A company spokesperson revealed more news about this new business feature. He said that WhatsApp for Business had been made very simple, secure and reliable. The vision of the launch is made to fall in place with the Digital India move. He said that WhatsApp would continue to invest in India. This release will be aimed at helping the digital commerce of India.

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India has an active base of the WhatsApp users. With as many as 200 million active users monthly, 15% of the WhatsApp services are based in India. On New Year’s Eve, the messaging platform received as many as 14 billion messages. This is the highest record in the world. For Facebook too, India is the fastest-growing market. In 2016, there were 155 million users of Facebook in India.

However, WhatsApp will not be the first company to launch its business services in India. Google has also successfully tested the global products in the country. This includes the YouTube’s offline services. This happened quite earlier this year. The services launched by Google this year was known as “Digital Unlocked”. It aims to bring around 51 million SMEs (small and medium enterprises) on the online platform. WhatsApp for Business is also on the line of the Facebook’s initiative “Facebook at Work” in India. Therefore, it would be interesting to see what WhatsApp for Business will feature.

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