Xiaomi To Be Announce In-House Pinecone Processor On February 28th


Confirming all the rumors, the Chinese Smartphone manufacturer company Xiaomi finally announced the final launch date of their in-house PineCone processor. So, this is the second Chinese company after Huawei to come out with their own processor. Numerous rumors were doing rounds stating Xiaomi to skip the use of Qualcomm or MediaTek chipset soon. Rumors regarding this started long back while the company first introduced Redmi 2A smartphone. And finally, all those rumors have turned out to be true for sure. So, Xiaomi is joining the league of Apple, Samsung, Huawei to set them as both the Smartphone and chipset manufacturer.

The launch will take place through an event set to hold in Beijing, China on 28th of this February. The rumors regarding this PineCone processor initiated while Xiaomi launched Redmi 2A. This phone came equipped with the Leadcore LC1860C processor. It was reported during then that the company is working with low-cost chipset maker. But nothing was confirmed officially. And now with the company stated everything by their own, things has become ensured. Apart from announcing that launch date, nothing much has been confirmed by Xiaomi. So, no other option is left but to wait till 28th Feb to get the broader story in this regard.

However, it is heard that the debutant processor from Xiaomi will be an octa-core processor with eight Cortex-A53 cores. And probably that long anticipated Xiaomi Mi 5C will be the first device to sport this PineCone processor. Beijing Pinecone Electronics will build this processor. This company is being controlled by both the LeadCore Technology and Xiaomi. More details on this new Processor is explained below.

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Details of PineCone processor:

Even though Xiaomi did not prefer to comment anything on the in-house Pinecone processor, but we could be managed to gather some information somehow. As per rumors, Xiaomi will bring the Soc chipset in two main variants, named as model number V670 and V970.

V670 Pinecone processor

This model is reported to sport four Cortex-A53 large cores along with four Cortex A-53 small cores. Mali-T860 MP4 is the GPU at a clock speed of 800 MHz. Also, this model will use the 28nm manufacturing process.

V970 Pinecone processor

This model will be comprised of four Cortex-A73 cores and four Cortex-A53 cores. The A-53 cores will be of octa-core architecture at a clock speed of 900 MHz. This one will be powered by Mali G71 MP12 GPU while 10nm is manufacturing process used in V970. However, this model is heard to arrive by Q4 of 2017.

It is expected that Xiaomi will incorporate this processor in the entry and mid-level devices in the beginning. And mostly high-end smartphone will be refrained from using it. While it is reported that Xiaomi Mi 5C will be the first device to come with this Pinecone processor, the V670 model will be the one to be used in this device. According to rumors, this V670 model will offer the equivalent performance of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 808 processor.

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