Xiaomi Anti-Pollution Air Mask with PM2.5 filtration launched


The Chinese consumer electronics maker Xiaomi is quite an innovative company. It had shown the world that everything is possible with ‘smartness’. Xiaomi is a leading smartphone maker has now entered in different fields. It has launched air purifiers, smartwatches, televisions, tablets and much more. The company is trying to mark its presence in the heart of every household.

It looks like the company has a strategic plan to make full out of increasing pollution in the air. Recently, the air quality of Delhi has gone south-side. In Delhi’s air anti-pollution masks have become a necessity. The whole stock that was available in Delhi-NCR vanished from the shelves in a matter of a couple of days. Xiaomi has recently launched its air purifiers in the Indian market. It has become one of the hot-selling products.

Xiaomi is looking for more penetration in the ‘clean air’ market. The company has launched a new innovative product. It can save you and your family from air pollution in affordable price. The new Cloth Pear Fresh Air Mask is now available for the Chinese market. The MRP of the mask is CNY 89 which roughly makes Rs.900/-. Xiaomi manufactured the mask via latest crowd funding effort. It is available on the company’s crowdfunding page.

What makes this mask special?

Let’s first talk about the material used in the mask. It is made of high-fiber textile and has been hand-woven to provide 3-dimensional structure. In terms of portability, it is light and weighs only 50.5 grams. The mask is available in Grey color option and has an air filter attached on the one side.

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Detachable air filter

The fan is detachable and made of high-quality polyester fiber. It has Xiaomi’s ultra-thin fan that comes with a removable cartridge. It can run at three different speeds and also has an on and off button. You can choose the speed according to need.

The whole air filter unit is rechargeable. It packs a Li-Po battery which takes around 3-4 hours to charge completely. The filter is capable of filtering particles up to PM2.5 up to 99 percent success.

The filter along with the fan works while you are out of the office or home to provide you fresh air for breathing. Products like these are important in the countries like India and China.

The new product by Xiaomi can get a lot of positive feedback from India as well. As of now, the company has not published any information about the global launch of the product. Most of the products developed under crowd funding model by Xiaomi first come for China. Once mass production of these masks starts, the company may launch it in other countries as well.

At present, the competition in the air filter masks is not that fierce. Different companies are still trying to figure out which technology they should use. Also, the price is a major factor. The demand for such products is increasing in the global market. Xiaomi can take some advantage and gain a lot of new customers in this niche as well.


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