Xiaomi will supposedly ditch Qualcomm and MediaTek for its own Pinecone processors


Android and iOS are the most rival operating system in the market. Android is the market leader with 86.8% market share. The other one has 12.5 % market share as per the latest report published by IDC. Various reports have forecasted for Android to hold this position and will remain a market leader.

On the same way, these operating systems are running on various processing platforms. The most heard names in the market are, Qualcomm and MediaTek. These two are the most popular smartphone CPU makers that exist right now. Processing speed continues to become better and optimized with Android as time goes on.

Xiaomi, the Chinese leading smartphone maker, is rumored to launch its own chipset. Xiaomi is known for its cheap and affordable smartphones. This move will take this company a step ahead.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Xiaomi will soon be ditching Qualcomm and MediaTek’ s processors in favor of their own processor. Company’s processor is currently named as “Pinecone”. As per the reports, the company may launch this new processor within a month. This period means that the launch of the Pinecone would line up nicely with the Mi 6’s debut. But as per some other reports, the Mi 5C would be the first phone to utilize the Pinecone chipset.

Currently, Xiaomi is using Qualcomm and MediaTek chipsets for all of its smartphones. The company had tried a different processor ‘Leadcore LC1860C quad-core chipset’ in Redmi 2A smartphone. This phone was released last year. After this, company learned that the chip was similar to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 410 but was cheaper. This idea forced the company to make its own chipset.

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The Chinese smartphone maker still one of the younger name in the smartphone industry. But this step would send a big message to the industry.

The first rumor came up back in 2015, that Xiaomi is working on their own processor. Although this time this may not like the most exciting news. But this may turn up as a big deal for the Chinese company. If successful, Xiaomi will be the second China-based smartphone company to be producing its own chipset. Before this, Huawei was using its own in-house chipset.

Xiaomi has a wide range of products. From LED lights, fitness bands to even the latest water purifier and many more. This company got popularity due to its cheap and best smartphones. The company has captured the market very soon. Their smartphones became the best choice in the market. Users love its smartphone due to their best features. In past company had launched low budget smartphones to increase customer base.

Launching smartphones with in-house chipset is a really great step. There is still no clues how Xiaomi’s in-house chipset will compare to others in the market. We can only predict that it’ll likely benefit the company from a financial perspective. This will surely reduce the dependency on the third party. Further, this will reduce the cost of smartphones.


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